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About the Bicentennial Year

Can you believe it?

We have been planning and discussing and anticipating our bicentennial for several years, and now it has arrived. It is our hope that this 200th year will be an occasion for renewal and re-dedication to the vibrant faith we have inherited from those who came before us.

Recently I was asked what I hoped for during this significant year and time within the life of our parish. It was a great question and I paused for just a moment and then answered that I hoped we as a parish could continue to be as faithful as our church has been for 200 years. That, in so many ways, my hope for the future is exactly as the hopes of those who came before us.

As we consider our bicentennial and what it means for those of us who are
worshiping and working to share Christian community now, I invite us all to
consider what this year may mean to us as individuals as well. Where can we find our place in ministry? What do we feel God calling us to do this year? What gifts do we have to offer that build up our Christ Church family, or the Greenville community in which we have been settled for 200 years? There is a place here for everyone. We are truly blessed when we all participate in the ministry to which this parish has been called.

Take a look around. God has surrounded us “with a great cloud of witnesses” with whom we share the privilege of mission and ministry. Take a look at the needs of our community and then at the gifts you have for ministry. I am confident that you have something valuable to contribute and share with our community.

If we all share in the community and take our part in the work to which we have been called, all our hopes will be achieved.

You can believe that!

The Rev. Harrison M. McLeod

Schedule of Events

Friday and Saturday, April 24 & 25
Christ Church and the surrounding area

Saturday, September 26
Fluor Field

Sunday, November 22
Christ Church