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Annual Giving Blog


Rusty and Maura Copsey 

Although we have been members of Christ Church since 1996, Maura and I have never formally thought about the impact the church has had on us until we sat down to write this message. What we discovered is that Christ Church has touched each member of our family both formally and informally in both ways that we recognized and in ways that had remained hidden until now.

All of our Christ Church experience to this point has involved our children: Megan, a sophomore in college, and Allison, a junior in high school. Our earliest memories of Baptism, Willie Bell caring for the girls and Uncle Charlie performing the Eucharist are some of our most special memories. As the children got older, our activities moved into VBS, both participating and volunteering; church basketball, both as players and Rusty as a coach; Kanuga Family retreats; First Communion; Con rmation; outreach efforts such as GAIHN and HOG Day; and the Acolyte teams.

Christ Church’s impact on our family was made clear when our oldest daughter recently stated that she wanted to find a church “just like Christ Church” in her college town. We use her comments as the best illustration of the powerful impact Christ Church has had on our family and proof of how positive our experience at Christ Church has been.

As our children have become more independent, we now find ourselves able to participate more frequently in church activities and volunteer on a more active basis. As such, we are committed to continue supporting Christ Church both financially and with our talents.

Without reflecting upon your own personal experience, it is easy to lose focus on why you should support the Annual Campaign. The short answer is so the church can continue its good works providing to individuals, to organizations and to communities from Greenville to Haiti. The long answer is because we now realize how much our family has directly received from this church community; we are truly blessed.

Hopefully this note will plant the seed for your own self-reflection and will help you realize the impact Christ Church has had on both you and the community. It is our hope that these thoughts will lead you to continue supporting these many worthwhile efforts through your financial contribution to the Annual Campaign.

Cheryl and Pete Gaillard
Members since 2015

My husband Pete and I moved to Greenville earlier this year from Chattanooga, Tennessee. After only a few visits, we felt called to make Christ Church our home and become part of this church family, a family who supports each other through generosity, sharing, caring and just being there for each other.

Before moving to Greenville, we were parishioners at St. Paul’s Church, Chattanooga where I was also on the staff as Membership and Stewardship Coordinator. When I was asked to serve on the Annual Giving Cabinet, I immediately said yes because I know how important each pledge is and how important it is to be involved and serve however best I can. I’ve met the most wonderful people while sitting in a room putting labels on envelopes! I even spent an afternoon organizing supplies, but met a lot of our wonderful staff members in the process. One of the things that I love most about Christ Church is that there is something for anyone and everyone. When you become involved, you have an opportunity to meet the rest of your church family. You form bonds and make connections while serving others as God has called us to do.

I love the theme for this year – Let Your Light Shine. When you turn in your pledge card, not only does your light shine and support Christ Church, but all our lights blend together to form a beacon that reaches far beyond our walls. Pete and I are honored to make our 2016 pledge and share in that light. It is our prayer that every member of our new church family is able to participate and make a pledge for 2016. Let’s support each other and see how far our lights can shine. That’s just what family does.