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Faith Development: Athletics

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Thank you players, coaches, and parents!

The season runs November through February, with team practices beginning in October. 5K Ė 8th grades play on Saturday mornings, 9th - 12th grades play on Monday evenings, and men play on Thursday evenings. Registration is online from mid-July through early September. For inquiries about Christ Church basketball, please contact Rachel Clark at 864.672.4142.

Basketball at Christ Church

Why I coach a Christ Church Basketball Team by Allan Symonette

ďI honestly canít remember how I started coaching basketball. Iím sure it was to be a part of my sonsí basketball experience when they were younger. I didnít think I would continue after they both moved on but here I am with a brand new team of fourth graders! There are a few reasons why I am still coaching. I would say I get so much more out of it than the players do. Itís so rewarding to play even a small role in a young life by teaching the basics of basketball, teamwork, and effort at a time in their lives when itís not all about winning just yet. Donít get me wrong, we love to win but we also love having fun, improving, making friends and most of all laughing.Ē

Why I play Basketball at Christ Church by Pearce Easley, 12th grader

ďChurch basketball has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  The friends Iíve made throughout the years are incredible and it is always fun coming back together every season. I will forever be grateful for the relationships Iíve built with my teammates and especially Coach Mac.Ē