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Church Restoration Updates

Restoration Updates

April 20, 2017 - An update from The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod

Take a quick video tour below and get the details about what is being restored and why. See more photos from the restoration process here.

Restored Stained Glass Windows       
Perhaps the most visible aspect of our project is the restoration of the priceless stained glass windows. Our windows tell the story of Christ's life through the witness of the saints. Each window will be meticulously cleaned, repaired, reinstalled, and will continue to be a witness to the power of Christ in our lives. Their story is our story. How wonderful it is to worship in a space where we can see and share in the lives of saints past and present.

New Roof                   
It was through the faithful efforts of Jack Bringhurst that the roof installed in 1968 stood the test of time and protected the church from the elements. But, after almost 50 years, it was time to replace the old roof. As we approach the church from any side, we will now have the confidence that the new roof will not only add beauty to the exterior of the church, but will continue to protect the integrity of our building for the future as well.

Enhanced Organ
In order to "add new seats" to the church, we are moving the choir to the chancel in the front of the church. To make this change, we are enhancing the existing organ by adding stops to the chancel area. What an opportunity we have to add both additional seats to the church and enhance the sound of the choir and organ.

Fire Suppression (Sprinkler System)   
It seems almost inconceivable that our church had no means of protection against the threat of fire! With the addition of the sprinkler system, which blends seamlessly with the ceiling, we will not only protect the sacred structure we have been blessed to inherit, but we will increase the safety of our congregation as we gather in worship.

Sound System & Lighting
Most of our project is the restoration and protection of our sacred space. But we are also taking an opportunity to enhance our worship experience as well. We will significantly improve the quality of the sound system and the lighting. How wonderful it will be to be able to be confident that all worshippers will hear the service comfortably. The enhanced lighting will serve to highlight the beauty of the worship space, but will add considerable visual flexibility to our worship services.

St. Luke's Chapel
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this restoration project is the addition of the new St. Luke Chapel. This intimate worship space is designed to be used for small weddings, funerals, eucharists, individual meditation and any other worship service. Equipped with an historic organ, it will be fully functional for many occasions. Additionally, it will offer a needed, meaningful, and dignified columbarium with 72 niches, seating for 45, a new stained glass window, and other potential chapel uses.

Sacristy (Combined Flower & Service Space)                  
Our Altar Guild and Flower Guild offer generous, selfless, and anonymous ministry that supports all our worship series. The redesigned service and flower sacristy will offer up-to-date and modern facilities that will facilitate their efforts and be a blessing to our entire parish.

Undercroft Renovation                       
Effective space should serve the people who use it and enhance our experience. The redesigned Undercroft is receiving a significant facelift. The rooms for choir rehearsal and those who serve in our worship services weekly are being redesigned to address the specific needs of the lay ministers and volunteers. Efficient storage, privacy, and purpose of use have all been incorporated to maximize every square inch of space. Even the bathrooms are receiving much needed improvement. 

February 8, 2017

A new HVAC unit was (very carefully!) lowered into the church, and work has begun on the roof. Things are really looking great inside, too! 


January 11, 2017

There is scaffolding up on the outside of the church! There is a lot of activity happening, and we're very happy with the progress being made with the restoration.


December 14, 2016

Our restoration project continues! Some recent progress includes the removal of the interior walls where the new chapel will be located and the beginnings of the reconfiguration of the Undercroft. In the next few weeks, we will see scaffolding going up on the outside of the church. It’s an exciting time for our parish!


October 3, 2016

The pews are out of the church, and we have bare floors. We are thrilled that things are really moving!


September 23, 2016

Construction is off and running! Here are a couple of photos of the Undercroft in early construction stages. 


September 2, 2016

The restoration process has officially has started! While most of the work is currently only visible on the inside, one of things that you may notice is the gate near East North Street is closed to all traffic except construction vehicles. For safety purposes, please honor the cones and barricades that have been placed at that entrance. You may also soon seen forklifts moving through the churchyard to carry debris to the large construction dumpster located in our back parking lot off Broadus Avenue.

From left to right: Our parish nurse, Lauren Smythe, and The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod, stand with what we believe is a WWII-era stretcher we found in the Church. In the photo to the right, the organ is about to be placed into these many boxes for storage while the restoration begins on the inside of the Church. See more photos here.

Construction Projects

  • A new black slate roof
  • A new HVAC system
  • Removing and repairing the stain glassed window where necessary
  • Updated plumbing and electrical systems
  • Repointing the steeple
  • Correcting water issues around the foundation
  • Repairing the pews
  • A facelift for the undercroft
  • Enhancing the organ
  • Expansion of the St. Luke’s Chapel
  • A renovated Chancel area
  • Repairing the plaster wall
  • Improved Sound System