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FAQs about COVID-19 Suspension at Christ Church

About COVID-19 or the novel Coronavirus

At Christ Church, we are mindful that it is our responsibility to take whatever steps we can to safeguard the people in our midst. As a worshipping community and a place where significant numbers of people in our community gather, we want to make sure that we are taking all appropriate steps to prevent the spread of this virus.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will we worship remotely?
The Bishop has allowed a 100-worshipper cap in our largest worship space (the Church). Currently we are offering Sunday morning worship with Communion. Services are at 9:00 AM and 11:15 AM. This gives our volunteers, staff, and facilities crew ample time to clean and sanitize the church before and after each service. Parishioners are required to register to attend services, and will have to answer a series of questions and have their temperatures screened prior to admittance to worship. Registration for both services is available on the homepage.

We will continue all online worship, classes, Bible studies, Sunday School, and other virtual offerings for the foreseeable future.

How are we reaching out to our parishioners and the wider community during this time?
The church is constantly creating and maintaining an online presence through various social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on our website. Presently these may be the most effective way to reach the majority of people. We are also making use of services like Zoom and Go-to-Meeting so that bible studies and prayer groups can meeting virtually and continue on with their studies. Check out our Sunday School or Bible Study offerings.

From a Faith in Action perspective, we are still reaching out to our community. Check this link to see how you can continue to safely engage in opportunities to help in your community while still maintaining safe social distancing practices. Also check out and help those in need connect with resources which may be desperately needed during these uncertain times.

How can I help?
First, you can help the church by keeping our people, our clergy and our mission in your prayers. Beyond that, actively reach out to each other by phone or text or email with notes of kindness and encouragement and concern. While we are physically distanced, we can bridge the distance by making use of electronic communications. Secondly, you can maintain your pledge. The church continues to have expenses that cannot be deferred or delayed. The power bill, salaries, and everyday costs do not end just because we are not on campus. Finally, you can help to protect our community by keeping yourself safe by following the CDC guidelines for responsible contact with others as a deterrent to the spread of the virus.   

How can I help financially?
We recognize that this pandemic has created financial challenges for everyone we know, the church included. Keeping your pledge current is more important now than ever before. If you are able to pay your pledge early you can help the church in managing our cash flow and avoiding measures that will hobble the church’s ministries even after the pandemic has passed.

How can I give remotely? 

What is the status of the preschool?
Christ Church Episcopal Preschool is currently open in a limited capacity as of Monday, July 6, 2020. Prior to the opening, the Preschool Board, the Vestry, the Rector and our Preschool Director discerned a responsible, compassionate and reasonable path forward to safeguard the future of one of the church’s flagship ministries. 
For more information, please contact the preschool directly at 864.233.7612.

Is the chapel or the church open for prayer?
The Church will be open for limited in-person worship on Sundays only. Otherwise, the Church and Chapel will remain closed throughout the week for the foreseeable future. As before, because we cannot control access to the chapel or church nor be sure to maintain a “sanitary” environment aside from on Sundays, we are not able to offer the chapel or the church as a place open for prayer. This is a sad result of the health crisis in which we find ourselves and is deeply regrettable.  

How are we handling funerals, weddings, and baptisms?
The Bishop is permitting funerals, baptisms, and weddings in a socially-distanced and carefully planned way. If you wish to inquire about any of these services, please contact the church at 864.271.8773. It is our fervent prayer that we will be able to resume our normal worship life very soon.

How do we access the online offerings?

Online offerings can be accessed in multiple ways.
Faith Development offerings can be accessed here. Choose from Bible studies, prayer groups, compline, and others on varying days and at varying times.
Faith in Action continues at Christ Church. Check this link to see how you can continue to safely engage in opportunities to help in your community while still maintaining safe social distancing practices. Also check out and help those in need connect with resources which may be desperately needed during these uncertain times.
Worship is available each day on social media including:

Our worship schedule is available at this link. Are you interested in participating by reading Prayers of the People, daily collects, or in some other way? Please contact Donald Duncan Director of Liturgy and Music or Kellie Wilson, Associate Rector.

Are clergy still available to provide pastoral care?
The clergy are certainly available for pastoral care. Until notified otherwise, the clergy are prohibited from visiting hospitals, nursing homes, the sick or the vulnerable in person. They are always available by telephone so please feel free to contact them for prayer, spiritual direction or a potential visit. Under limited conditions, they are available in person. Again, please call our Priest-on-Call line with specific requests.
Priest-on-Call line: 864.553.0737.

What is the status of the bicentennial efforts?
This is certainly not the bicentennial year we had planned for and imagined. Our Engagement efforts to contact each parishioner are well under way and highly successful. Unfortunately, the Joyful Garden Tour has necessarily been postponed as have the remainder of our "20 for 20” outreach efforts due to physical distancing guidelines. The plans for our celebratory gatherings are on hold until we have some clarity about the duration of the limited gatherings. The history project is still underway, but the publication may be delayed. All in all, much of our efforts have been paused until we can gather more information about limitations imposed on the church by CDC and governmental guidelines.



Good Hygiene Practices

  • If you’re sick or have flu-like symptoms, please stay home and seek the advice of your doctor if needed.
  • Practice everyday preventive behaviors! Stay home when sick. Cover coughs and sneezes. Frequently wash hands with soap and water. As you wash, sing the Doxology or recite the Lord’s Prayer — both take about the recommended 20 seconds of thorough scrubbing.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces such as computer keyboards, mobile phones, and laptops.


CDC Guidelines for Spread Prevention (Infographics)