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Starting Sunday, February 23, 2020, we will be offering a new way to meet and get to know Christ Church, her parishioners, and ways to get involved in the various ministry opportunities around the parish. As part of the embrace effort for the Bicentennial year, Coffee and Connect hopes to offer a space where we can welcome visitors as well as connect with those who have been here for years. Come enjoy a cup of coffee and learn about the many ways in which one can get involved here at Christ Church. Coffee & Connect will be meeting in The Open Door (a gathering place just off the Parish House lobby). If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to host a Sunday or two, email The Rev. Charles Jenkins.

Working together, we will make meaningful contacts with every member of our parish through various projects and outreach. The Embrace committee is hard at work with various pursuits:

  • Preparing a reusable, environmentally friendly branded Christ Church bag filled with useful information and tools for helping us take our time, talent, and treasure for use in our parish and out in the community
  • Cleaning and organizing our church database for the future
  • Making phone calls to home bound parishioners and those without email to help them feel a sense of continued community at Christ Church
  • Working with the youth to embrace our college-aged parishioners and those who live out of town
  • Planning and executing in-person visits by volunteer parishioners, clergy, and staff

And there is much more you can do to help! To join the effort, please contact the Rector's Assistant, Sherri Allred.