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In this Bicentennial year, challenge yourself to give at least 20 hours of volunteer service to our community.

Imagine if every one of us used our many talents and skills to contribute…. We would make a very powerful and positive impact within the Church, in the broader Greenville area and in the world. You are needed! There are many opportunities.

Only available a few hours a month? Swing a hammer at a Habitat build, or help in the kitchen during one night of Discovery Weekend.

Looking for more in-depth opportunities? Help with EYC on Sunday nights, or tutor in the Sterling community.

Choose an opportunity that fits your interests and availability. CLICK HERE to find out more about volunteer opportunities with 20for20! 



The Church Street Choral Academy will bring students from a variety of backgrounds together for tutoring, leadership training, mentoring, and music training.

For students, they get high quality music lessons and academic support; for Christ Church, we get the opportunity to invite other communities to become a part of our family and we begin to look like the Kingdom of God.

There is nothing like this in Greenville and this can have a tremendous impact on the city.

We will need lots of help – How could you help this ministry? CLICK HERE to find out more.