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Faith Development

The Christian Formation Ministry of Christ Church

As Christians, our faith is always in development and undergoes continual growth throughout our lives.  At Christ Church we offer multiple offerings to foster faith development for all ages and stages.

Our prayer is that our Faith Development ministry will help you meet, hear, receive, know, love, and serve Jesus as Lord, so that Christ's life will be formed in your life. The Bible guides us in understanding this as our charge.

To help you get connected to our ministry, we have organized our extensive offerings into age groups. At each age level we will provide a unique experience that will help you grow in Christ.

    Children (infant - 5th grade)
    Middle School (6th - 8th grade)
    High School (9th - 12th grade)
    Young Adults (22 - 39)
    Adults (40 - 64ish)
    Senior Adults (65+)
    Women's Ministries
    Men's Ministries

    "God is everywhere, but to find God anywhere,
    we must meet God somewhere."
    Let Faith Development offerings be your somewhere.