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Faith in Action

People of faith working in community to be a catalyst and conduit for ministry.

The Faith in Action Ministries are designed to help members and visitors to put their faith into action through a variety of opportunities, offered to help engage individuals and groups through service to each other and the larger community. Faith in Action's impact ministries offer a wide range of routine and accessible service opportunities. These opportunities for individuals and families help us keep loving engagement with our neighbors. Christ Church encourages involvement in the Sterling Community, a historic African-American community on the west side of Greenville, particularly with community activities, education, tutoring and farming. Christ Church has also been involved in the village of Cange, Haiti for over 35 years and has helped build a school, hospital and water system, with continued support of the vocational school and 100 acre farm.

In addition to the keystone ministries listed above, Faith in Action is charged with the annual allocation of over $250,000 to support Partners in the community and develop new projects in Greenville that will help to address current unmet need of the community. For more information on how you can be a part of the Faith in Action Ministry, contact Debbie Rice.

Upcoming Events:

JustFaith Phase 2: Living Justly - Caring for Each Other
Classes beginning Tuesday, January 7, 9:30 – 11:45 AM
This phase seeks to grow and deepen awareness of the reality of inequalities and various forms of injustice in the United States. Fostering active listening “dialogue” and prayer creates a group experience of trust and compassion and an expanding community of Christians who are actively practicing and fostering compassion in our world. It is not necessary to have participated in Phase 1 to join the class You may sign up electronically HERE or by calling Debbie Rice at 864.271.8773 or Jean Martin at 864.569.7586. Register by January 3.

Bridge Builder Series Build - The Abraham Build:
Thursday, August 8 - Saturday, November 2
Get Involved Now!
Directions to the build site: As the house is not yet built, the closest address to use for your GPS is 502 Jenkins Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

The great work of Christ Church and Habitat for Humanity continues with our Bridge Builder Series. On Thursday, August 8th the wall raising for our latest build will take place in the Sterling Community. The Abraham Build focuses on fostering conversation and developing unity and good will between the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic communities. Like the original build, each eligible build day will have two shift opportunities for parishioners and their friends and families to contribute to a new house! Come and build, share your faith and learn about the other faiths in our community with whom Christianity shares its roots. Below are dates for which we need builders:
Original Build:

    • August 9 - 10
    • August 15 - 17
    • August 23 - 24
    • September 13 - 14

The Abraham Build (New Build):
  • August 8 - 10
    • August 15 - 17
    • August 22 - 24
    • September 20 - 21
    • October 3 - 5
    • October 11 - 12
    • November 1 - 2

The Bridge Builder Series Story:
The Bridge Builder Series is the result of a discussion between Christ Church Parishioner and Habitat Greenville Executive Director, Monroe Free, and our rector on the critical role the faith community and non-profits can play in uniting people in a common and noble purpose.

In keeping with our mission of faith in action, Christ Church opted to donate the land for the project in the Sterling neighborhood, where we have built several houses and continue to have an active outreach ministry, and provide volunteers.

“Throughout all of our ministries in the Greenville area, we recognize an ever-increasing need for connection and greater empathy. Christ Church places a strong emphasis on community involvement, engagement and service to establish these connections, as well as a deeper understanding and respect for others. The Bridge Builder Series and this build specifically are so important to our entire community and will establish ties that bind and will continue to bear fruit well into the future.”

The wall raising ceremony took place this past Thursday, bringing together representatives from each group, plus the Greggs family, for whom the house is being built. The build will last approximately 12 weeks. Volunteers from each group will be present each day, working together and learning from one another. Volunteers will also share a meal each day and participate in thought-provoking discussions on topics ranging from why they chose to be involved with this project to what each group can do to encourage stronger relationships.  

Leadership Team

If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday. - Isaiah 58:10 

Christ Church Faith in Action Ministries are led by parishioners and supported by staff members Kevin Mertens, Director of Faith in Action and Debbie Rice, Outreach Coordinator.

Members of the Outreach Committee:
Perry Gilreath (Faith in Action Committee Chair)

Anne Arrington (Vestry Representative)

Reg Brooker (Haiti Representative)

James McKissick
Christine VonWyl
Sam Erwin
Josh Hudson
Carolyn Beiers
Kristin Bennett
Worth Burns