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Forks and Fellowship

Forks & Fellowship consists of small groups with a primary focus on fellowship, hospitality, and building community. Our objective in forming these groups is to bring parishioners together who may not interact in any other area of the church. Using information collected via the survey below, we will create groups of 8 adults (some couples, some individuals) that mirror the diversity of our parish in hopes of giving all participants a deeper connection and sense of belonging to the parish as a whole.

These groups will meet four times during the school year (September through May) for a simple dinner. Check out our FAQs below the survey for more information about Forks & Fellowship. Still have questions? Contact Holly Melton, Volunteer Coordinator, at 672.4155. Register for the 2018 - 2019 season below.

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Read what parishioner Rachel Tallis has to say about her experience with Forks & Fellowship!
Here is what parishioners have to say about the Forks & Fellowship Ministry.

“I really enjoyed how at the last meeting we were already so tightly bound by God and by friendships that we were able to share very personal prayer requests with each other. It’s amazing to see how God works.”

“I am thankful for the experience. I enjoyed the fellowship.”

“We got to meet people who attend different services that we would not otherwise have gotten to meet.”

“A great way to broaden your roots in the faith community of Christ Church.”

“It’s a great idea to continue. Within a large church, this provides a wonderful opportunity to meet others and get to know friends better.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the groups selected?
Church staff will select groups so members will be able to meet and fellowship with parishioners they might not know.
Is the church involved in the groups?
No. The church sets up the groups, then steps back. Groups set their own schedule and meet at group members’ homes.  
How many times a year do the groups meet?
Four times a year from September through May.
Will there be Bible study involved?
No, but there will be an opportunity at the end of the meal for a meditation or a scripture reading if the group chooses.
How do the dinners work?
The host or hostess provides the main course and other group members bring a side, a salad and a dessert. The meal should be simple.
Who schedules the dinners?
At the end of each meeting, the group confers to schedule the next dinner.
What if I don’t like my group?
Keep in mind that the group is only for this year and only meets four times. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a new group next year.
I don’t feel comfortable having new people over to my place for dinner. Can I still sign up?
Ideally, each member of the group would take a turn hosting at their home. If you have a concern about hosting at your home, please don’t let that keep you from signing up. The members of your group will have the flexibility to work something out.
Will there be childcare?
Childcare will not be provided by the church. Participants will need to make their own arrangements.
If I am married, can I sign up as an individual?

Rachel Tallis on her experience with Forks & Fellowship

If you’re not a part Forks & Fellowship, you are really missing out!
I grew up in the Episcopal Church, so when I moved to Greenville two years ago I looked no further than Christ Church. My first service experience was at Fellowship at the Falls and, after going to a regular Sunday service, I was hooked. Then, shortly after joining the church, I had a bit of a heart-stopping moment.
“Wait, there are thousands of parishioners here? I have uprooted my life, moved to Greenville for a new job in Spartanburg, hundreds of miles from anyone I know, with just my dog. How can I possibly meet people and set down some roots? Oh, what have I done?” (Then I paused for moment of prayer.)
Among the other offerings from Christ Church at that time, there was a sign up for Forks & Fellowship. Despite my hesitation as a single woman, I said yes, and I am so glad that I did. Forks & Fellowship is such a great chance to get to know people you would not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. You don’t need to be a great cook, or have a perfect home, and you don’t need to commit a whole lot of time - you just need to have a desire to meet some great people.
More than anything, with Forks & Fellowship, as well as other opportunities for involvement at Christ Church, I’ve learned that the thousands of parishioners are really just a whole lot of small groups, all welcoming and offering opportunities to volunteer, socialize, learn, and grow in Christ’s love.