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Save the Date: The 2015 Joyful Garden Tour will be held May 8-9!

2013 Joyful Garden Tour Update

Thanks be to God for the success of our second Joyful Garden Tour! We exceeded our fundraising goal due to the generosity of parishioners and friends of Christ Church. The dedication and hard work of 250+ volunteers, ably led by an incredible Steering Committee, assured our success while making the process look easy.

The Joyful Garden Tour engaged nearly 1,000 people as volunteers and garden tourists, making this - once again - one of the most well-attended and well-received events in our parish.

We are pleased to offer this report of income and expenses related to this wonderful community event.

Sponsorships $79,900
Ticket Sales $12,630
Art Sales $10,655
Other Revenue $4,132
Total Income $107,317

Printing & Advertising $3,701
Security $1,050
Shuttle Buses & Parking $3,783
Other Expenses $6,572
Total Expenses $15,106

NET INCOME $92,211

The net income was nearly $15,000 higher than in 2012. This was due to an increase in both sponsorships and art sales, and also to a decrease in expenses.

Income from the 2013 Joyful Garden Tour will be used for plantings and enhancements on the north side of the church, around the All Saints Center, and along Broadus Avenue (new playground and parking lot). Funds will also be set aside in a Grounds Reserve for maintenance (10% of enhancement dollars expended/budgeted) and as seed money for the next Joyful Garden Tour in the spring of 2015.

Many thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for our beautiful grounds renovation.


Photos from the 2013 Joyful Garden Tour: