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Get Involved at Christ Church

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. - Ephesians 2:10

The vision of Christ Church is to be a joyful community sharing life in Jesus Christ. Getting involved in the life of the parish is one of the many ways we live into our vision. Below is a quick survey which once completed will allow our Volunteer Coordinator, Holly Melton, to offer some direction on where you can get involved. Our desire is for you to find fulfillment in your service with and to others, so if you discover a certain ministry is not for you, let us know and we will get you connected somewhere else.

Do you prefer to be part of a one-on-one conversation about where your interests match the needs of the church? Schedule a time to meet with Holly Melton, 672.4155.

 Volunteer Opportunities 

Men's Ministry Volunteer Opportunity: Grilling for Reconnect Sunday
We need YOU! Men of Christ Church will be grilling for our hotdog social on Reconnect Sunday, September 8 following the 10:30 AM services. Bring your apron and tongs! For more details contact Josh Segars at 864.270.8118.  Check out the Sunday Bulletin or the eblast for upcoming Men’s Socials and events or contact Men's Ministries for more information.

Bicentennial Committees Recruiting Volunteers for 2020
There are six subcommittees that are actively recruiting volunteers to help plan how we will celebrate together and serve in ways that will impact our parish and our community.
• Celebrations led by Julie Haas
• Communications led by Velda Hughes
• Church History led by Lizzy Sterling
• Embrace/Inreach led by Jennifer McLeod and Hayden Waters
• Equip/Educate led by Meg Erwin and Holtie Mitchell
• Empower/Outreach led by Tim Brockman and Kay Jenkins
If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering, please contact Marie Taylor, 423.1771.

Serve on the Children’s Ministry Committee
If you are interested in serving on our Children’s Ministry Committee so we may continue our many children’s ministries during the search process, please contact Lauren Briles.

Bridge Builder Series Build - The Abraham Build:
Thursday, August 8 - Saturday, November 2
Get Involved Now!
Directions to the build site: As the house is not yet built, the closest address to use for your GPS is 502 Jenkins Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

The great work of Christ Church and Habitat for Humanity continues with our Bridge Builder Series. On Thursday, we raised the wall for our latest build will take place in the Sterling Community. The Abraham Build focuses on fostering conversation and developing unity and good will between the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic communities. Like the original build, each eligible build day will have two shift opportunities for parishioners and their friends and families to contribute to a new house! Come and build, share your faith and learn about the other faiths in our community with whom Christianity shares its roots. Below are dates for which we need builders:
Original Build:

    • August 15 - 17
    • August 23 - 24
    • September 13 - 14

The Abraham Build (New Build):
    • August 15 - 17
    • August 22 - 24
    • September 20 - 21
    • October 3 - 5
    • October 11 - 12
    • November 1 - 2

Interfaith Hospitality Network: November 17 - 24
Christ Church welcomes United Ministries Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) to our campus. This partnership provides temporary housing to families while they work to find jobs and permanent housing. During the week of November 11-18, we will welcome families who are currently experiencing homelessness to our campus. It takes 75 volunteers to make this ministry a success, and we need your help! If you would like to learn how you can be a part of this incredible ministry, contact Debbie Rice, 282.3108.

Capture Christ Church Photography Group
Think you’d like to take photos at Christ Church events?
Not sure how to take them? Worried you might not know
what we’re looking for? Never fear. We want you! Join our
very relaxed, informal photographers group. This group is
called upon by various ministries to take photos at all sorts
of CC events. Communications Ministry will teach you how
and what to shoot with your camera. Indicate your interest to Jessica St. Clair Smith, 282.3115.

Pew Warriors Ministry Needs You!
Pew Warriors straighten up the pews during the week, restock pew materials and generally ensure that our place of worship is orderly. We currently have openings in the chapel for the first and fourth weeks of the month. It generally does not take anymore than an hour. For more information, contact Helen Wallace, 864.918.4359.

Help Us Organize the Nametags!
We are looking for someone in Nametag Ministry to organize the nametags in the Parish House and church nametag areas. This does not take much time (less than 1 hour) and can be done on your own time schedule within the Parish House normal hours of operation. For more information, contact Amy Malik, 864.282.3117.

Ministry Interest Survey: Please fill this out so we can help you find volunteer opportunities at Christ Church!

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