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Faith in Action: Haiti

Upcoming Events

Haiti Mission Trip: March 17 - 23, 2019
Join Christ Church on a pilgrimage to Haiti on March 17-23, 2019.  The first three nights will be spent with Gillaine Warne and Marie Flore Chipps, daughter of Father LaFontant, during which we will visit the farms and vocational school run by Partners in Agriculture and some of the Summits rural village schools. The second half of the week will be spent at the Cange complex where we will have the opportunity to join the Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries student group, and the EDUSC medical mission group. A $150 non-refundable deposit will be required. If interested, please contact Reg Brooker, 864.561.8069 or Debbie Rice, 864.282.3108. 

Christ Church Scholarship Program Helps Longtime Friends from Cange

Meet Jean Rene Jean Gilles and Jerome Ebrison. These two studious, young men have been waiting patiently for more than a year to enroll at CFFL, PIAs vocational agricultural school. This year, their perseverance paid off - they were accepted, and are now officially members of CFFLs freshman class. Discover their story here.

Celebrating St. Francis of Assisi

Our St. Francis garden on the CFFL campus has quite an upstate history! Read about it here.

A Message from the Graduates of CFFL

Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant Vocational School (CFFL), in Corporant, Haiti, strives to invest in the future by helping the people of Haiti learn how to help themselves. On January 27, 2017, 36 more CFFL students will graduate. The graduating class of 2016 will be made up of 22 Genie Civil (Construction) students (including, for the first time, four women) and 14 Woodworking students (also including four women). These students have completed 2 12 years of intensive studies and have presented their final technical exhibits for examination, with excellent results. Christ Church and its parishioners have supported four of these students through scholarships, and Partners in Agriculture and the graduates of CFFL would like to thank Christ Church. Were proud to say that these talented graduates are ready to take their places in the real world. Read the letters from the students here.

Haiti Ministries

Christ Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina (EDUSC) have partnered with the Episcopal Church (Eglise Bon Saveur) and the people of Cange, Haiti for over 30 years. During this time the people have received water, food, healthcare, and an education. Continue reading to learn how you can be a part of this life-giving ministry, or view this special video to learn more about our mission work in Cange.

Haiti Donations
Our friends in Haiti have asked that, instead of shipping items that have been collected in the United States, that monetary donations be sent so that items can be purchased within the country to boost the local economy. If you have items that you would like to donate, we recommend sending items to Goodwill, Miracle Hill, the Habitat Restore or Salvation Army.  

Projects Serving Haiti

Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture)
What started as a small demonstration garden in Cange has become a significant resource for the people of the Central Plateau. Zanmi Agrikol/Partners in Agriculture is a signal ministry of Christ Church created by members Gillaine and Charles Warne. Its purpose is to eliminate the crisis of malnutrition in the Central Plateau. Food is being grown to be distributed to hospitals and clinics of Partners in Health, malnutrition centers, and schools. It is also sold in the local markets. The garden in Cange and the 100 acre farm in Corporant have become demonstration centers. The two major products are NOURIMIL and NOURIMANBA. Corn, beans, and peanuts are harvested, processed and distributed to PIH. Farmers are being taught to restore their lands with seeds and tools.

Contact: Charles and Gillaine Warne at 864.232.8274.

Gillaine Warne reflects on 2015 in a letter to PIA supporters. Check it out

Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant Vocational School (CFFL)
Father Fritz Lafontant once stated "to invest in Education is to invest in the Future". The vocational school in Corporant, Haiti is striving to invest in the future by helping the people of Haiti learn how to help themselves. CFFL is a school for vocational trades and agronomy in Haiti's Central Plateau. The goal of CFFL is to train a generation of young Haitians who will lead their communities out of poverty through sustainable local agriculture production and innovative building processes in an environment that promotes service to the common good. Click here for more information and pictures of CFFL.

Contact: Charles and Gillaine Warne at 864.232.8274.

Several students at CFFL sent Christ Church letters of thanks and gratitude for their education. Read them below!
Letter from Roselaure Lamontagne
Letter from Barthelemy Andy
Letter from Brian Vic Paulvercl
Letter from Frontil Kerline

Partners in Agriculture/Family Assistance Program
The Partners in Agriculture/Family Assistance Program is a project that combats the crisis of malnutrition in the Central Plateau by producing and distributing food to the people of this area. It educates, encourages, and assists these people to grow their own food, helping them to become self-sufficient. Each family involved is interviewed and its needs are assessed. Expert counsel is given in nutrition and agriculture. Families are provided seeds, trees and tools. Some families even receive a goat! This is a ministry that gives families opportunities to return to each new participating family, new seeds, baby goats and their own experiences and successes in harvesting and animal husbandry.

Contact: Charles and Gillaine Warne at 864.232.8274.

Artisans Center
Led by Mrs. Jackie Williams, a Christ Church member and resident of Cange, the Artisans Center employs local people to make a range of products including rugs, pottery, textiles, and other art.  These products are sold in Cange as well as in several parishes in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina with proceeds supporting the Artisans Center. Learn more about these art works.

Youth Work in Haiti: One Person at a Time
The youth of Christ Church started supporting two Haitian youth - Dugue SonSon and Jerome Ebresson - in 2007. The support has come in the form of tuition for their schooling which includes a nutritious lunch. The youth have been pen pals, asking questions and sending care packages through various groups who have done mission work in Cange. We believe that the best way to change the course of a person's life is to come alongside long term. It has worked. SonSon graduated from high school in June 2012 with the top marks in his class. Jerome graduates in 2015. 

The youth were then faced with the dilemma of how to support SonSon. His prospects for employment were extremely small. Agriculture was not his aptitude. After consultation with SonSon, his teacher and members of Christ Church who knew his situation, we decided to support him through college at one of the top universities for accounting. We continue to connect through social media and email. We visit and send care packages often. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

How can you get involved in Haiti Missions?

Go to Haiti
Go on one of the biannual trips to Haiti to learn more about our ministries in the Central Plateau, meet our partners, and work side by side with our Haitian neighbors. Please contact Debbie Rice for more information.

Partners in Haiti

World Missions Committee
The World Missions Committee is a group of people from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina who are committed to our work in Haiti. The mission statement of the World Missions Committee is:

In order to maintain and advance education, public health, and economic development in Cange, Haiti and environs, the EDUSC will:
    Address the short term and long term funding and leadership needs
    Develop a new model of sustainability that will create independence and interdependence in 5 – 10 years, shifting the culture from entitlement to resilience.

Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health)
As Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health has developed into one of the largest medical providers in Haiti, Christ Church continues to partner in several specialties including an Eye Clinic whose Ophthalmologists serve over 300 patients and perform approximately 20 surgeries each week. For more information on the Eye Clinic contact Darrell Jervey, M.D.

Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries
Clemson engineering students helped to install the new water pumps in Cange in 2012 using the same techniques from the instillation of the original water pump in 1985. CEDC is led by David Vaughn, a Fluor engineer and member of Holy Trinity Clemson. The mission of Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries is to work with local communities in the Central Plateau of Haiti to develop sustainable solutions that improve quality of life through interdisciplinary student-led initiatives that embody core values of accountability, commitment and service in partnership with Clemson University, non-profit organizations, and industry. Learn more about CEDC.