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Upcoming Events: 

Historic Church Tour: Saturday, March 16, 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Did you know Christ Church used to be called the “snap bean church”? Or
that parishioners used to rent their own pews? Get answers to questions, learn about the history and architecture of Christ Church, and hear our fabulous organ during our historic church tour. This event is free and open to the public so please bring a friend! Questions? Contact Brittany Hoots, 672.4152. 

Christ Church has experienced tremendous growth over the last 180 years.  The milestones are many:

March 1820: The Reverend Rodolphus Dickerson established St. James Mission in the little village of Greenville Court House. Mr. Dickerson's congregation was composed mainly of "a few zealous Episcopalians whose families were spending their summers in the upper country."

September 2, 1825: Vardry McBee donated four acres for the establishment of an Episcopal church. A building committee engaged the services of a local, stone mason and contractor.

September 15, 1825: The cornerstone was laid for a brick church at a proposed cost of $3,000.

1826: This little mission was received into the Diocese of South Carolina as Christ Church Parish. The church building at first had no windows and was used by a small, mostly summertime congregation for about 25 years until our present church building was begun.

April 1845
: The Vestry of Christ Church, feeling the pangs of growth, proposed a new and larger church building. Construction of the church proceeded.

September 29, 1854: Our beautiful church was consecrated on St. Michael and All Angels Day, September 29, 1854. The original design of the church was traditional Gothic cruciform, but funds were only available for the construction of a nave.

1875: A balcony was added to the church building.

1880:  The south transept was constructed.

1914: With the help of the Christ Church Guild, a beautiful stained glass window portraying Christ and the Last Supper was purchased from the Mayer Studios of Munich, Germany. This handcrafted work, both inspirational and breathtaking, has become the focal point behind the altar.

1968: The church building was refurbished, the north transept and the undercroft were added, and the balcony was enlarged.

2000: The parish enlarged the balcony in the church once again and installed a new 68-rank Goulding and Wood Organ.

2005: Christ Church erected two state-of-the-art facilities in the All Saints Center and the Children's Center (Mother's Morning Out, Nursery and Preschool Wing). Soon thereafter the old Moeller organ pipes in the church were removed and in their stead were placed four rose windows and St. Luke's (prayer) Chapel.

Day of Pentecost 2007: The newest additions were dedicated.

August 2008: The Windows to Discipleship campaign enabled us to complete an extensive renovation of the lower level of the Parish House, which became the new location for the Christ Church Episcopal Preschool.