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Small Groups


Learn more about small groups!

A Small Group is a group of about 12 adults who meet regularly (twice a month would be typical) for Christian fellowship, study, prayer, and service. Contact Holly Melton, 672.4155 for more information.

Who:  Christ Church adults of any age, married or single. Some groups are more intentionally homogeneous (for example, all singles or all married with children) while others are wonderfully diverse in age and life experiences.

When:  The group decides what day of the week works best for them. Groups typically meet for one hour and thirty minutes. The time is divided into approximately 30 minute increments for fellowship, study, and prayer.

Where:  Either in homes (one group member's home every time or rotating between group members' homes) or at the church.

How many:  Jesus chose a group of 12 Disciples. We are implementing this model for our small groups as well. Groups may have up to about 13 people. The small size enhances the quality and amount of sharing within the group.

Fellowship:  Typically the first 30 minutes of your time together will be getting to know each other and catching up. This is not a supper club so if you have food, keep it simple. 

Study:  Holly Melton, Volunteer Coordinator, will help you choose a study. Your group can study a book of the Bible, books for spiritual growth, or a video series.

Prayer:  Prayer time will be as diverse as the members in your group. Those 30 minutes can consist of prayer requests, group prayer or Evening Prayer out of the Prayer Book. We are happy to help you get started.

Play:  This is key! Your group must make time to play together. Go bowling, to the movies, or at the end of a study, have a potluck or go out to dinner. Your prayer and study time will get easier the more you play and the better you know one another.

Service:  One of the greatest ways to get to know everyone in the group is to work together on a quarterly service project. There are many different opportunities through Christ Church where your group can serve - for example, serve in the Soup Kitchen, help with an Impact Ministry, etc.

Group Contact:  The group needs to have a point person for communications within the group and for communications with the church. This person will work with Holly Melton to select study options for the group to consider. There is not a group leader; instead, we hope that each person in the group will take turns guiding the discussion.

Contact:  If you are interested in joining a small group, please fill out the form below. If you have questions, please contact Holly Melton at 672.4155.

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