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Special Services

Upcoming Events

Festal Evensong: Sunday, June 9, 5:00 PM, Historic Church
Join your parish family as we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost with a festive service of choral evensong followed by a reception in McKissick Courtyard.

Rhythms of Grace: Sunday, June 16, 3:00 PM, Markley Chapel
This service is designed for children and families with special needs, but it is also a wonderful service for younger children. The service will last about forty-five minutes and includes signing, storytelling, hands-on exploration of the story, Eucharist, and fellowship time. This is a great way to introduce your child to a church service where it is okay if they cannot sit still or are loud.  

Soaking Prayer: Tuesday, June 18, 6:45 - 7:15 PM, Markley Chapel
This is a time to sit in silence and be with God while soothing music plays in the background of our softly lit chapel. No reservations are needed - just drop in from 6:45 - 7:15 PM every 3rd Tuesday after the healing service. For information, contact Nina Brooks, 256.289.6124.  

New Worship Schedule FAQs

What is the service schedule?
     8:00 AM - Rite I Eucharist, Markley Chapel
AM - Sunday School
AM - Rite II Eucharist, Church (Choir & Organ)
AM - Rite II Chapel Eucharist, Markley Chapel (Worship Band)
AM - Courtyard Cookies & Lemonade:
                       Sundays after the 10:30 AM worship services, McKissick Family Courtyard

Is the church be completely restored?
No. While most of our renovations are finished, we will still be without pew cushions, kneelers, and many of our beautiful stained glass windows when we first return to the church. In the spring of 2018, when all work is complete, the bishop will reconsecrate our church building and we will have a grand celebration.

Will one of the new services be a contemporary service?
The format and music of the 10:30 AM Chapel service will most closely resemble the former contemporary service held in the church. This new service, held in Markley Chapel, will include traditional Prayer Book liturgy in an easy to follow format for newcomers. The shorter time frame of the service is more “wiggle friendly” for those with younger children. Casual attire is encouraged.

What are the differences between the 10:30 AM Church and Chapel services?
Both services offer liturgy that is faithful to and rooted in our prayer book tradition. The music for the two services will be substantially different. The service in the church will be led by the Parish Choir and organ and will feature the best of the classical Anglican musical traditions, including traditional hymnody, psalms, Anglican chant, and a variety of selections by the choir. The service in the chapel will be led by piano, guitar, strings, woodwinds, percussion, and vocalists, and will include a wide variety of congregational song. On any given Sunday at the chapel service, one might encounter an upbeat traditional hymn alongside an African-American spirituals, Cursillo song, or familiar contemporary Christian worship song.  Besides the differences in musical accompaniment, the Chapel Service is a condensed form of the service in order to accommodate a 55-minute time frame for those who desire a slightly shorter service. Regardless of the musical idiom used to embellish the liturgy, at the core of each service is a faithfulness to the Book of Common Prayer and our identity as Episcopalians.

How long are the various services?
The new 10:30 AM service in the Chapel is an intentionally shorter service, and will run approximately 55 minutes. The 10:30 AM service in the Church will run approximately 70 minutes. The 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM services will continue to run approximately 45-50 minutes.

Will the clergy rotate through the services?

Yes. All of our priests will serve as celebrants and preachers at each of the Sunday services.

Are changes being made to the 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM services?
No. These services will continue in their current forms without changes.

What are the options for young children at the services?
FaithSteps is available during both 10:30 AM services. Children's Chapel is available to those attending the 10:30 AM Church service. At the 10:30 AM Chapel service, a children's sermon will replace the regular sermon on the second Sunday of each month. Children are always welcome in any of our services at Christ Church.

Will there be fellowship opportunities before or after services?

Yes. As weather permits, we will gather outdoors between the church and chapel for refreshments and fellowship following the two 10:30 AM services.

Why aren't we going back to our old schedule?
Our old schedule had many complications. Worship services often encroached on Sunday School. There were frequent changes to the style/format of the services to accommodate special observances. While the 9:00 AM service was very well attended and often approaching capacity, the 11:15 AM services were nearly half the size of the 9:00 AM, respectively. Besides the disparity in the attendance at the various services, there was no time left for parish fellowship in the old schedule. The 10:30 AM worship hour, with opportunity for fellowship following, has proven very popular with the vast majority of our parishioners. An enhancement to this is the addition of a shorter and more casual service at this same hour.

Will any of the services be Rite I?

Rite I will be used seasonally at the 10:30 AM Church service, primarily during Lent.

Is there sufficient seating for 2 simultaneous mid-morning services?

Yes. The effective seating capacity of the church has been increased by approximately 75 persons with the movement of the choir from the balcony to the chancel. Markley Chapel offers seating for 200 people comfortably. This gives us a total seating capacity of 900 between the two worship spaces.

Which services will host baptisms, confirmations, and other special observances?

Baptisms, confirmations, and other special services will be divided between the 10:30 AM services when it is feasible to do so.

Does this change affect any of our weekday worship offerings?

No. Our Tuesday and Wednesday services will continue without any changes.