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Staff and Lay Leadership


The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod, Rector, 864.271.8773
Donald Duncan, Director of Liturgy and Music, 864.282.3118
Sarah Marczynski, Liturgy and Music Program Coordinator, 864.672.4154
Sherri Allred, Administrative Assistant to the Rector, 864.282.3101
Chase McAbee, Assistant Parish Musician, 864.271.8773
Larry Loftis, Assistant Organist, 864.271.8773
Dr. Charles Tompkins, Associate Organist & Artist in Residence, 864.271.8773

Faith in Action

Kevin Mertens, Director of Faith in Action, 864.282.3100
Karen Walker, Director of Food Ministries, 864.672.4144
Joyce Thompson, Assistant to Food Ministries, 864.271.8773
Debbie Rice, Faith in Action Outreach Coordinator, 864.282.3108
Holly Melton, Volunteer Coordinator, 864.672.4155

Pastoral Care

The Rev. Charles Jenkins, Priest Associate for Pastoral Care, 864.282.3113
Lisa Hunt, Pastoral Care Coordinator, 864.282.3105
Annette Cook, Director of Senior Adult Ministries, 864.672.4141

Faith Development

The Rev. Kellie Wilson, Senior Associate Rector for Faith Development, 864.672.4146
Hannah Flack, Director of Youth Ministries, 864.672.4157
Amy Malik, Director of Adult Ministries, 864.282.3117
Brittany Hoots, Director of Welcoming Ministries, 864.672.4152
Rose Cuddy, Data Integrity and Administration, 864.282.3104
Emily Dunlap, Nursery Coordinator, 864.271.8773
Jane Courter, Receptionist, 864.271.8773
Tami Clark, Receptionist, 864.271.8773

Resource Development

Lauren Sigmon, Director of Resource Development, 864.672.4148
Jessica St. Clair Smith, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications, 864.282.3115


Suzanne Mize, Parish Administrator, 864.282.3109
Kim Owen, Controller, 864.672.4138
Mike Towery, Support Assistant, 864.672.4145
Monica Walsh, Accounting Assistant, 864.672.4145
Jim Cothran, Director of Facilities, 864.271.8784
Josh Clapp, Facilities Assistant, 864.282.3102
Duane Brinson, Facilities Assistant, 864.282.3102
Josh Hakala, Grounds Manager, 864.282.3102

Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

Christine Skelton, Director, 864.233.7612


In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is the group of lay members elected by their fellow members to serve with the Rector (head priest) as the leadership and governing body of the church. Through an annual retreat, and monthly and other special meetings, the Rector and Vestry are responsible to set and oversee the vision of ministry for the church, and to conduct the business of the church as required by canon or civil law. Our current Vestry is listed below.

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Ben Horne - Senior Warden
Ashley Reynolds - Junior Warden
Anne Arrington  

Jim Baumgardner
Lauren Briles

Cotton Clarke
Emily Davis
Jordan Earle
Mac Gentile
Norma Givens
George E. McCall

Penn Williams
Helen Wynkoop
Elizabeth Fletcher
Liason to Pastoral Care, Secretary of the Vestry
Cecil Nelson -
Chancellor, ex officio  

Wade Kolb - Assistant Chancellor, ex officio  
Dan Seaman -
Treasurer, ex officio

Chris Klasing 
Assistant Treasurer, ex officio