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10 Questions with Kellie Wilson, Priest Associate for Youth Faith Development

1. What was your first job?
In many ways it was babysitting when I was in Middle School. Officially, it would be Mr. Video in Seneca, SC. People went there to rent VCRs and video tapes. (Yes, I’m dating myself!)

2. What is your favorite thing about Greenville?
The view of the mountains. When I used to work at Holy Cross in Simpsonville, as I was driving home to our house off Haywood Road, I would see the mountains after passing the Roper Mountain exit and literally say, “Thank you, God!” every time. I remember when my son was in K5, he asked me one time, “Why do you always say that?” It was one of our first conversations about prayer.

3. What one thing really makes your day?
Besides prayer, SUNSHINE!!!!!

4. What advice would you give a young person just starting out?
Be prepared for God to push you out of your comfort zone and take you to unexpected, scary, and amazing places. Life won’t go as you plan. So, follow God’s plans instead of clinging to your own, and, as you go, remember God is with you always!

5. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?
Float on a raft in the pool while napping, reading, praying, or reflecting on the daily lectionary.

6. What is your favorite movie?
Steel Magnolias.

7. What is your job at Christ Church and what drew you here?
I’m the Associate Priest for Youth Faith Development, which means I work with a team of amazing individuals who provide ministry for children, youth, and college students. I actually had never considered serving at Christ Church. As part of my ministry at the Diocesan House, I was assisting Christ Church with the high school Student Leadership Team and with hiring a Youth Minister. I think the conversations we had at that time led to Harrison calling me back in October and asking me to consider the position. I almost hung up on him! However, I told him I didn’t think it was fair to disregard his request with no prayer. So I told him I would put it to prayer, meet him to discuss it further (though I knew I could not make a final decision until March), and see what God did in our family’s life. I think ultimately what attracted me was the ability to maintain the thing I loved about diocesan ministry - developing children and youth into Christian leaders - with the opportunity to do more sacramental ministry. I’m thrilled to be here!

8. What book is on your nightstand?
There are two – Americanah and Difficult Conversations. You will always find me reading a Professional Development/Personal Growth book plus a book for fun.

9. I can’t live without my...
Phone! Things I use most on it include electronic Common Prayer app, NRSV Bible app, Safari, Clock, Weather, Map app, Text message, phone, email (work and personal), flashlight, 100! Puzzle app, Starbucks app, Facebook app, Pandora app, Kindle app, and the Clemson football app. How did we ever get by without smartphones?

10. What is the “coolest” experience you have ever had?
I had a life after death experience where God talked to me. I’m sure you all will hear about it in a sermon or Christian Formation class someday.