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3rd Century Commission


In 2020, Christ Church will celebrate our bicentennial. For nearly 200 years, people have entered into relationships with God and with one another here. As we complete the restoration of our historic church in anticipation of this milestone, we recognize that the revitalization of our parish life together is of far greater importance. As a result, our rector and wardens have formed a 3rd Century Commission.

What is the 3rd Century Commission?
The 3rd Century Commission is made up of vestry, parishioners, and staff members. Our primary task is to guide Christ Church in discerning our common, underlying values to help shape and guide our future, so that we are indeed living into our vision of being a joyful community sharing life in Jesus Christ. The goal of the commission is to:

    • Discern and articulate the core values of Christ Church.
    • Use these values to form our mission statement.
    • Design a framework and process for using the mission statement and values to ensure our ministry here at Christ Church reflects our mission as we enter our 3rd century.

    Who is the 3rd Century Commission?
    The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod, Rector
    Jack Bacot
    Dena Benedict, Co-Chair & Junior Warden
    Rose Cuddy
    Donald Duncan
    Norma Givens
    Bern Mebane, Senior Warden
    Kyley Miller
    Bryant Nixon
    Lauren Sigmon
    Mary Ellen Vernon
    Penn Williams, Co-Chair

    How can I help?
    We have engaged an independent consultant to provide expertise as well as objectivity. We are currently asking you for your help and input via a survey. We want to reach as many parishioners as possible as we seek to identify our parish values. In many cases, these words and phrases are implicitly already a part of Christ Church, we just haven't named them yet. This survey will be available for two weeks, from April 10 - 24, and will take four minutes to complete.

    Are there other ways to complete the survey?
    Absolutely! There will be paper copies around the parish house. If you have questions or need to request a verbally administered survey, please call 864.271.8773 ext. 234.

    What will the end result be?
    As we enter our 3rd century of ministry here at Christ Church, our goal is to use the values that we identify to create a mission statement that we will use to guide the creation of programs, events, and experiences that will invigorate our parish.

    We invite and look forward to your feedback throughout this process. Please reach out to anyone on the commission with your thoughts, ideas, or questions.