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3rd Century Commission


Dear Christ Church Family,

Several months ago, we gathered a group of parishioners and staff members and began the work of the 3rd Century Commission. Their work was three-fold: discern and articulate our set of core values, discern and articulate a parish mission statement, and, finally, begin to establish a method by which our parish can become more intentionally mission-minded as we approach our bicentennial in 2020.

After months of prayer, discussion, discernment, and engagement, the Commission has neared the end of their work. The progress of the Commission has been faithful and encouraging. Our work has included the participation of the entire parish. Based on the involvement of parishioners through the values survey, the commission has determined a set of core values and is even now working on the final wording to be shared with the parish. Additionally, we have drafted a mission statement that describes the work to which we believe we are being called by God as a parish.

It is our belief and hope that with clearly articulated core values, a mission statement that will guide our work, and a vision statement describing our identity, we will be able to move into the third century of the life of this parish with excitement, faithfulness, and enthusiasm for the Gospel. To this end, we have formed an ongoing Communications Committee and an Implementation Committee to keep us all focused on our mission and ministry.

We wish to thank all who participated in this important endeavor. The parishioners, the members of the 3rd Century Commission, the staff, and the vestry have all joined in the effort to discern and articulate how this parish can continue to spread the Gospel in powerful and transforming ways in our community.

The members of our 3rd Century Commission look forward to sharing more details with you as we approach the fall.

In Christ's Name, 

The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod, Rector
Dena Benedict, Co-Chair & Junior Warden
Penn Williams, Co-Chair

Members of the 3rd Century Commission
Jack Bacot
Dena Benedict
Rose Cuddy
Donald Duncan
Norma Givens
Bern Mebane
Kyley Miller
Bryant Nixon
Lauren Sigmon
Mary Ellen Vernon
Penn Williams