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Vestry Elections

Vestry Nominations: August 16 - September 10

Beginning August 16, we are seeking nominations of persons to stand for election to the Vestry, the governing body of the church. Nominations are needed for Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Vestry, and Diocesan Convention Delegate. 

The Vestry is the governing body of the church. The Vestry is committed to doing "everything in its power to ensure that Christ Church remains a strong, vibrant, growing, Christ-Centered church with a significant presence in the City of Greenville." For the 12 members of our parish who make up the Vestry, along with the Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Rector, it is important, challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling work.

We are currently seeking nominations of persons to stand for election as the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden (two-year terms), four Vestry members (three year terms) and as a Delegate to the annual Diocesan Convention (four year term). Serving on the Vestry is a wonderful opportunity for members who have a passion for communication, collaboration, engagement and continuous improvement at Christ Church.

Be sure to talk to your prospective nominees beforehand to be confident they would like to run. If you are interested in serving, remember that you can nominate yourself!

Nomination forms may be found outside worship services and in the Parish House during the Nominations Period, Thursday, August 16 - Monday, September 10.

Have any questions or want more information? Nominations contacts are listed below.
Nominations and Elections Committee Chair: Sam Irwin, 569.6005
Nominations and Elections Committee Vice-Chair: Bill Hardaway, 735.6255
Assistant to the Rector: Rose Cuddy, 282.3108