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Worship This Week

View an overview of our worship service offerings.

Limited In-Person Worship

Join us for Holy Communion at 9:00 AM and 11:15 AM in the church. Attendance is limited to 100 worshippers in our largest worship space to maintain physical distancing and safety. Registration is required to allow for attendance to be kept at appropriate numbers. Register for any upcoming Sunday morning service here.

We have had excellent attendance at our recent services, so we encourage you to register early in the week prior to each service to make sure you have a seat.

This week, the flowers in the Church are given to the glory of God in memory and thanksgiving for the lives of Mary A. Knight, St. Clair A. Knight, Jr., St. Clair Ainsley Knight III.


Online Worship Offerings

As we continue to limit in-person worship, online worship continues to be available each day on social media including:


Noonday Prayer Live | 12:00 Noon on Facebook

Available on Instagram and Youtube by 1:00 PM

Prayers of the People Read by Parishioners
Available on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube by 11:00 AM

Clergy Klatch Live | 7:30 PM on Social Media on Facebook
Available on Instagram and Youtube by 8:30 PM

The Collects Read by Parishioners
Available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube by 11:00 AM

Music & Meditation
Available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube by 12:00 PM

Saturday Supplications
Available on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube by 1:00 PM

Sunday Worship
  Available on Facebook and Youtube by 8:00 AM

In case you missed it, please find our Holy Week and Easter offerings here.

Faith Development offerings can be accessed here. Choose from Bible studies, prayer groups, compline, and others on varying days and at varying times.

Faith in Action continues at Christ Church. Check this link to see how you can continue to safely engage in opportunities to help in your community while still maintaining safe social distancing practices. Also check out and help those in need connect with resources which may be desperately needed during these uncertain times.

Are you interested in participating by reading Prayers of the People and daily collects? Please contact Donald Duncan, Director of Liturgy and Music or Kellie Wilson, Associate Rector.

Read more about what is available during this suspension here.

2020 Liturgical Calendar