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Worship is at the core of the Episcopal Church and Christ Church.

Christ Church offers a varied and extensive worship service schedule to accommodate our parishioners and visitors. Join us for worship! 

Many people work together to prepare our church and chapel for worship services every week. This support is invaluable - both to those who worship and to those who serve during worship.


Our acolytes are usually youth, 7th - 12th grade, who participate in worship services and have the following responsibilities: lead processions, carry crosses, light and extinguish candles, and assist priests during Holy Eucharist. Download the spring 2020 acolyte schedule here.

Lectors and Intercessors

Our Lectors read the daily lessons from the lectern and the Intercessor offers the Prayers of the People.

Chalice Bearers

Our Chalice Bearers assist the priests during Holy Eucharist in all our worship services.


Our Vergers monitor and direct the overall service, ensuring all runs smoothly.

Checklist for Vergers


At each service, our ushers welcome parishioners and visitors, pass the alms basins during the offering, and direct parishioners during Holy Eucharist.

Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild does all the work to prepare the worship space for a service. They prepare the altar, set the table, arrange flowers, polish silver and brass, replace candles, mend and launder linens, maintain vestments, create needlepoint, and maintain supplies for the Blessed Sacrament. Our Altar Guild also assist at weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other occasions.

Music Ministry

A joyful noise unto the Lord enables all present to further experience God and enjoy the beauty of our worship services.

Spiritual Direction Ministry

Spiritual direction is a prayerful time and place to reflect with another about your relationship with God. An intimate space in the Parish House (Room 225) has been blessed by Bishop Hultstrand and the clergy in quiet dedication for the ministry of spiritual direction.