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10:30 AM Rite I Holy Eucharist, Markley Chapel

Children's Choirs

The choirs at Christ Church are affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America. The RSCM childrens choir program is designed to teach children to be invaluable members to the community. Each level of training includes vital instruction in Christian Formation. The emphasis is on personal instruction for each child and adult who enters the program. Personal growth is achieved through the dedicated sharing of their musical gifts, serving as leaders of worship on Sundays as well as occasional special services. All levels of the RSCM Program are designed to challenge each young musician on an individual basis, and give a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. The key to advancement is achieving the musical knowledge necessary, especially by attending the required rehearsals and services; for these are where the young musicians apply their art while giving their musical gifts to the Glory of God.

We offer three children's choirs (Cherub, Coventry, & Canterbury) for children in K3 - grade 5.

Cherub Choir

Cherub Choir is for K3 - K5. Cara Horn teaches this fun group. (Parish House, Room 127).

Coventry Choir (1st & 2nd Grade)

Coventry Choir, directed by Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson, is taught the importance of music in worship, singing songs that emphasize scripture and liturgy. Introductory music reading skills are learned through games and worksheets. (Parish House, Room 227).

Canterbury Choir (3rd - 6th Grade)

Canterbury Choir is directed by Mr. Chase McAbee. This more advanced group works on developing music reading and part singing skills through the songs they sing in worship. (Parish House, Room 220).

Questions? Contact Donald W. Duncan, Director of Liturgy and Music, 282.3118.