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Sunday Worship - 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM & 10:30 AM (simultaneous services), 5:00 PM

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

EYC stands for Episcopal Youth Community. Our middle school community embraces youth who are in 6th through 8th grade. Out high school community embraces youth who are in 9th-12thgrade. Our mission is to welcome and provide a community that offers opportunities for our youth to engage with others, work with others, and grow in their faith with others through fellowship, formation, service, and worship.

EYC meets 5:00 - 7:30 PM for ALL ages (6th - 12th grades) with the following breakdown:

5:00 Middle School EYC, led by SLT
6:00 Dinner for Middle and High School students
6:30 Senior High EYC

We usually meet in the All Saints Center, the large brick building on the opposite end of the parking lot from the Parish House at Christ Church.

The Second Sunday of the month we offer a different format for our EYC gatherings. The second Sunday of the month will be Service oriented. We call this ServeUS. This offering is designed to provide opportunities for our youth to step out of their comfort zones, to invite and welcome all, fostering and growing new relationships, and to engrain in our youth the importance of service. Through offering a wide variety of service opportunities we seek to teach our youth how to make service a part of their regular life.

Some organizations we have partnered with before: Harvest Hope Food Bank, Miracle Hill, United Ministries, Project Host, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Ronald McDonald House, Mill Village Farms, Greenville Free Medical Clinic, and Greenville Parke, Recreation and Tourism.

Be sure to check the schedule below.

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 11 Sunday School Begins

Sept 11 EYC Kickoff 5-7 pm

Sept 18 EYC Regular Schedule Returns

Sept 24-25 Confirmation Retreat

Oct 8-9 High School Converge

Oct 9 ServeUs (in place of EYC)

Oct 13-16 Fall For Greenville Volunteer Opportunity

Oct 22-23 Middle School Converge

Oct 30 Halloween Festival (in place of EYC)

Nov 10 Catechumenate Dinner and Rehearsal

Nov 13 Rise ServeUs Project - after church (in place of EYC)

Nov 17 Catechumenate Dinner for Confirmands

Nov 18-20 Happening

Nov 20 Parish Lunch (Bury the Time Capsule)

Nov 20 Confirmation service at 5 pm

Nov 27 No EYC

Dec 11 ServeUS (in place of EYC)

Dec 18 Cocoa and Carols

Dec 18 End of Semester EYC Party

Dec. 25 – Jan 1 Break for Sunday School and EYC

Jan 8 Sunday School Returns

Jan 8 EYC Pop Up Event

Jan 13-15 Ski Trip (all Youth)

Jan 15 No EYC

Jan 22 EYC Regular Schedule Returns

Upcoming Retreats

Oct 8-9 High School Converge

Oct 22-23 Middle School Converge

Nov 18-20 Happening

Jan 13-15 Ski Trip (all Youth)

Upcoming Middle School Topics:

  • September 18 – Toga Night theme – How did Jesus deal with Roman authority and the stresses they placed on society? Dress in a toga (with appropriate clothes underneath) as we play Capture the Flag throughout the Parish House and discover strategies for navigating, like Jesus, all the cultural stresses placed on us.
  • September 25 – Underground Church – Avoid being detected by the Romans as we hide from the Romans throughout the Parish House and discover ways we can be a Christian in a world that does not always want us to act like Christians

 Upcoming Senior High Topics:

  • September 18 – Do the theories of evolution and the Big Bang align with Scripture?
  • September 25 – Practices for staying centered on Jesus


The purpose of Confirmation is to provide a person, “when they are ready and have been duly prepared, to make a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism and to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop” (BCP, 412).

According to our Bishop, a young person can choose to make such an affirmation and commitment once they are 16. We offer a confirmation class and retreat every semester for those youth approaching 16.

However, a student may also choose to wait to make such a commitment until they are a senior, a college student, a young adult, or even an adult. There is no pressure for anyone to choose to participate at this time. A person should choose to participate when they are ready to explore their readiness to make a public affirmation and to make a commitment to regularly participate in worship, fellowship, lifelong learning, and service with Christ’s Body - the church.

The Confirmation program is an intentional and intense time of exploring how to continue a lifelong commitment to Christ, the church, and God’s mission of reconciliation and restoration. The result of the program is each youth choosing whether he/she wants to be confirmed. If they participate in the Confirmation program and they choose to not be confirmed at this time, they and the work they have done will still be honored at a Catechumenate Dinner.

To ensure confirmands are duly prepared to make this choice, we have designed a process to help them gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church.

Below is important information that needs to read through before committing to the Confirmation process.

Confirmation Class Requirements

  • Attendance at Rector’s Forum on Sunday mornings from 9:30 -10:15 am in McKissick Refectory in the Parish House. The class meets from Sept 11 – Dec 18. You are required to attend 7 of these classes during the semester.
  • Participation in one Service Project and Theological Reflection –ServeUs projects occur on the 2nd Sunday of each month beginning in November from 3-5:30 pm. (The date and time is subject to change, depending on the organizations we serve). We may also offer a service opportunity tied with Discovery Weekend on Saturday, October 29. So, please watch the Community News and weekly Youth updates for ServeUs. After the ServeUs project, please complete the attached Theological Reflection document and return it to me at .
  • Provide a Written Statement of Faith: At the end of the Confirmation course, Confirmands will be expected to write their own personal Statement of Faith which serves as your mature, public affirmation of faith and names the commitments you are willing to accept as named at your Baptism. This draft will be due several weeks before the Catechumenate Dinner and Rehearsal.
  • Attend the Catechumenate Dinner (and the Rehearsal if you choose to be confirmed): The Catechumenate Dinner is a nice, celebratory dinner where we recognize, with your family, your hard work and present you with a gift. At the dinner, we also present catechumenates with the opportunity to publicly share their Statement of Faith. Some will be asked to share their statement. Others will choose to do so. Our motto is All May, Some Should, None Must. The date of the dinner and rehearsal will be provided to you once we know the date of confirmation.
  • Regular Attendance at Worship: We do expect to see all Confirmands regularly at worship services.
  • Attendance at a Sunday School class of your choice during Spring Semester from 9 – 10:15 am on Jan. 8 – May 21 (no Sunday school on Feb. 26 or April 9.).
  • Attendance at the Confirmation Retreat:
    • The retreat is Sept 24 and 25 at Gravatt Conference Center. We will leave the church at 10 am on Saturday, Sept. 24 and be back around 2:30 on Sunday, September 25.
    • The cost is $175 per person. You may register at:
    • We will need a lot of chaperones (1 adult for every 5 youth). 3 of the chaperones need to serve as bus drivers (no special license needed), and we may also need a couple of car drivers for this retreat. We will cover the cost of chaperones. This is a fun event to be involved with because many adults tell us they learn a lot on the retreat, and it is a great chance to get to know the Christ Church youth. Please contact Kellie Wilson at to chaperone.
    • Participants should pack the following for the retreat:
      • Your Book of Common Prayer (if you have one)
      • Bible
      • Clothes
      • Bring a jacket, seasonal PJs, underwear, socks, jeans, shirts, boots/shoes, etc.
      • Rain jacket
      • Closed toed shoes (required for low ropes activity)
      • Long pants/ leggings (required for low ropes activity)
      • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
      • Reusable water bottle
      • Flashlight
      • Please send all medications, inhalers, and EpiPens in a labeled Ziploc bag. Thank you!
      • Please limit your belongings to one carry-on bag and one suitcase

The Youth Ministry programs and events at Christ Church happen with the support of our parents, and we are so thankful for you! It is our hope that all young people feel welcome and a part of the youth community at Christ Church. To help us accomplish this we have several opportunities for parents and other adults to partner with us. Please consider signing up for these upcoming occasions.

  • 2nd Sunday ServeUS Chaperones: Each 2nd Sunday the EYC does a ServeUS activity and we need Adults who will partner with us as chaperones and mentors. Contact Kay Jenkins

The Student Leadership Team or (SLT) is made up of high school students (10th- 12th graders) who attend Christ Church Episcopal. The Student Leadership Team is responsible for assisting with planning, participating, and serving as a leader to the Middle School ministry programs at Christ Church.