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Small Groups

Small Groups will commit to:

Small Groups at Christ Church will embody the three elements of our mission at Christ Church: Embrace, Equip and Empower. Through these, we grow as Apostles to go out into the world to shine our lights for Jesus. The groups gather and fellowship, study, pray, and then go out to serve others. The purpose of these groups is to make Christ Church feel like a small church where we learn and grow as we discover our role in the church and the world. Small groups help us expand our friendship and support circles as we embrace each other for a season and then form new groups after three years. This significant experience in a Small Group expands our ability to become equipped apostles and empowers us to serve in our community or become leaders for newly formed groups.


have fun together, in Christian FELLOWSHIP


Christian STUDY


PRAY together


SERVE, in our parish and our broader community

Christ Church Small Groups

While Small Groups already exist at Christ Church, we identified a need to redefine the reasons for and purpose of this ministry. We invite all existing and new parishioners to join Small Groups. The primary goal of Small Groups is to make Christ Church feel like a small church and expand one’s connection with other parishioners. Small Groups at Christ Church will be formative and develop leaders/apostles in our community, and will embody the Christ Church Mission (Embrace, Equip and Empower apostles to serve Jesus Christ).

Parishioners will find answers to their questions:

  • How can I find my place at Christ Church?
  • How do I become an Embraced, Equipped, Empowered Apostle who serves Jesus Christ?
  • How do I live as a Christian in today's world?

Small groups will have access to the resources of the church: web resources and subscriptions such as and, books and video series that are owned by the church, as well as use of the facilities and help with childcare arrangements. There will be specific training sessions for group leaders in addition to existing classes.

The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod shares a special video message about the launch of Christ Church Small Groups here. We invite you to find your Small Group by completing the survey attached here. The Covenant agreement is listed here. The Milestones for Leaders document is attached here. The Training Resources for Leaders is attached here. If you have any additional questions, please reference our Small Groups Expectations and FAQ page listed here or contact Kellie Wilson, Senior Associate Rector or Chantal Smith, Director of Welcoming and Engagement, at 864.271.8773 ext. 133.

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