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Sunday School

Make Your Resolution!

Sunday School takes place on our campus through May 21,
9:30 - 10:15 AM unless otherwise noted below.

There will be no Sunday School on February 26 or April 9.

If you have other questions, please contact Kellie Wilson or call 864.672.4146. 

Check out our Faith Development program offerings for all ages and stages 

Young Children

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Infants – 18 months Room 109, Parish House (Infants may remain in the nursery through the conclusion of the 10:30 AM worship services.)
  • Toddlers Room 112, Parish House (Toddlers may remain in the nursery through the conclusion of the 10:30 AM worship services.)

Contact: Trudy Bell


Children will dig In to foundational Bible stories with a variety of engaging activities.

3K/4K - Room 127, Parish House.
5K - 1st Grade – Room 213, Parish House
2nd - 3rd Grade – Room 215, Parish House
4th - 5th Grade– Room 217, Parish House

3K-4K Options during the 10:30 AM Worship Services:

1) Nursery Care for 3K-4K in Room 112, Parish House. Teachers will take children in Sunday School to the nursery if they are not picked up for church.
2) Children's Church- Parents may pick up their children from Sunday School and take them to the 10:30 AM church service. During the first half of the service, there is a special children's service in the undercroft of the church. The Priest will make an announcement for children to follow the Children's Crucifer during the service when it is time for Children's Church to begin. Adults will bring the children back to the regular service during the announcements. Note: this service replaces what used to be "Faith Steps."
Contact: Claudia Coleman


6th - 8th grades - Room 209, All Saints Center
All middle schoolers are welcome to join us as we dive into the New Testament! The youth will discover the similarities between themselves and the many unlikely people selected by God to do extraordinary things.
Contact: Joleen George

Acolyte Bible Study - Bride's Room, Church
7th-12th graders are invited to join us as we learn all about worship and the ins and outs of what we do and why.

Youth Participating in Confirmation will attend Episcopal 101. (See information below.)
Contact: Joleen George

Young Adults, Middle Adults, & Senior Adults

Parents' Sunday School, McCall, Parish House

The Parents’ Sunday School will be starting a BRAND-NEW video series titled “Parenting in the 21st Century." Sessions will include viewing a video segment and discussion led by class facilitators. This series will be great for parents, grandparents, aunts and/or uncles – really anyone who feels the weight and responsibility of equipping an infant, child, teenager, middle-schooler or high-schooler for life. Our hope is to create a wonderful sense of parent community which supports and reminds us that God is in the midst of our joy and chaos.
Contact: Anne Green Buckner

Rector’s Forum, McKissick Refectory, Parish House
Join The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod and The Rev. Lindy Bunch this spring for discussions around their favorite things. Topics will range from Scripture, art, books, music, food and maybe even our favorite bottle of wine.
Contact: The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod and the Rev. Lindy Bunch

Episcopal 101Earle Conference Room
Designed for Adults, Newcomers, anyone preparing for Confirmation (including youth), and anyone wanting a refresher course on Christianity and The Episcopal Church, this class will focus on all the basics of our faith.
Contact: The Rev. Kellie Wilson

NEW The Pit Stop, Graham Library, Parish House
Perhaps your kids are close to or have already left the nest. Maybe you have lost one or both of your parents and you are wondering what's next. Imagine life as a racetrack with Jesus as the pace car. He says follow me, stay beside me. I will take you to the finish line. You have endured bumps, crashes, and losses along the way, and it's time for a Pit Stop. Welcome to Pit Stop where we will refuel with His Word, change our worn tires for new ones, and get back on the track of life refreshed and ready to follow the Holy "pacer", the Lord.
Contact: Elizabeth McKissick & Dorothy Nicholson

Faith Perspectives, Room 223, Parish House (Starts at 9 am)
This Sunday School class encourages lively, respectful discussions and debates over books that challenge our perspectives. This semester the group will discuss "Meditations on the Parables of Jesus" by Fr, Thomas Keating. Discussions are led by class participants.
Contact: Fran Taylor or Perry Gilreath