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Information Regarding Same Sex Marriage

A Note from Our Leadership

Dear Parishioner,

In 1880 Sara Coxe Croft, prompted by the Holy Spirit, offered a substantial gift to Christ Church in order to build our south transept with the stipulation that no pew rent be charged. She believed all people should have equal and free access to the Holy Eucharist. That same generous spirit has been woven into the spirit of our parish for over 200 years.

At the 1976 General Convention, the Episcopal Church passed a resolution stating, “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church”. In 2015, two years after our diocese approved the blessing of same-gender civil unions, the General Convention “voted to amend the canons of The Episcopal Church that regulate marriage, permitting any couple the rite of Holy Matrimony.”

Since 2018 when our Third Century Commission defined our mission statement to Embrace, Equip and Empower Apostles to Serve Jesus Christ, and articulated our core values of Community, Compassion, Faithful, Grateful, and Inviting to All, we have continued to strive to be faithful to these Christian values. As a Christian, and as Rector, I too, have wrestled with what it means for us to respond faithfully to God’s call to live fully into our mission and our core values.

As an Episcopal Church, the sacraments are the existential means through which we experience God’s grace in our lives and personify our mission and values. At this point in our common life at Christ Church, marriage is the only sacrament not available to all members. Given our Gospel-based Mission and Values, limiting access to any of the sacraments currently excludes some members of our church family from experiencing the joy of God’s grace in their most significant human relationship.

As a community we are called to grow continually in our faith, especially in how we share the communal character of the sacraments. Guided by the same Holy Spirit that prompted Sara Croft, the vestry and clergy have entered into a faithful conversation regarding the nature of the sacrament of marriage.

Christ Church is a “big tent” in which we embrace many diverse theological perspectives and beliefs. We are interested in your perspective, and invite you to share your thoughts, comments or questions with the clergy and vestry. Please communicate with us via email ( or signed letter. Please address to “Vestry & Clergy” at the return address printed on the envelope in which you received this letter.

If you would like to be called, please indicate so in your letter. Please note that only clergy and vestry will read signed letters from our parishioners. Anonymous letters will not be considered. We request all letters be received on or before April 24th.

Always guided by Jesus’ command to “love God with all our heart, mind and spirit, and to love our neighbor as ourselves,” we, as your vestry and clergy, continue this long-standing conversation. We ask for genuine openness to the Holy Spirit, as well as your generous prayers and spiritual support.

Upon conclusion of our discussions, we will share with the parish the next steps. Thank you for your continued commitment to Christ Church and our shared ministry.


The Rev. Dr. Harrison McLeod

Mr. Bill Hardaway
Senior Warden

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