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The (Extended!) Common Table - Wednesday Night Programming

Welcome to The Common Table. The Common Table encompasses programming for your faith, life, and spirit. All programming ends by 7:00 PM.

The Common Table takes place in the All Saints Center. And new in 2023 - the nursery is now located on the second floor of the All Saints Center!

The mix-and-match nature of adult and children's offerings allow you to engage in your own way.

  • Drop your children off at the nursery (now in ASC) or Children's Sabbath where they'll receive engaging and enriching teaching and play.
  • Come eat and visit during Wednesday Night Suppers.
  • Enjoy an adults-only brief refreshment quarter hour and sit in on Clergy Klatch Live in person.

The choice is yours. Come any week you are able. We would love to see you!

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Wednesday Night Suppers

Wednesday Night Suppers
6:15 - 7:00 PM 
All Saints Center Gym

Come join us for hearty meals and happy fellowship in the All Saints Center Gym. Visit the Wednesday Night Suppers page to see menus and to register to eat. This is a happy time for families and singles alike.

6:45 PM 
All Saints Center Gym

As an end-cap to The Common Table, an informal Compline service takes place in the All Saints Center Gym when the children and adults have been dismissed from their programming and have come back to together to eat. The service will take no more than 10 minutes at most, allowing families to get home in time for younger children's bedtimes.


Adult Fellowship Time
5:30 - 5:45 PM
ASC Room 200

Join us for this adults-only offering in ASC Room 200 before live, in-person Clergy Klatch! This includes small nibbles such as nuts and cheese, fruit, and beverage options.

Clergy Klatch Live!
5:45 - 6:30 PM
ASC Room 200

Sit and engage your clergy in this seminar-style presentation with Q&A and encouraged audience participation.

Topic for April 12, April 19, April 26

Everyday “Idols” Which Separate Us from God:
nneagram and the Bible
Over the Lenten season, Dr. Spence Taylor led us through a discussion of the Enneagram and how it can help us remove obstacles within ourselves that separate us from God. In the Extended Edition, the clergy will explore Scripture and how it can illumine our path forward as we strive to be healthy and whole, no matter what our Enneagram type. For more information about the class, contact Anne Green Buckner at


Bible Blast!
5:30 - 6:30 PM
ASC First Floor
Kids will LOVE this light and easy, kid-appropriate dive into the New Testament! Join us for Bible lessons easily digested through relevant crafts and games. On nice evenings, we’ll potentially head to the playground to burn off some energy. At the end of the hour, kids will link back up with their families for Wednesday Night Supper in the ASC gym. For more information, contact Claudia Coleman.


5:15 - 6:30 PM

ASC Room 202
We're excited to be able to provide nursery in the All Saints Center. We have moved it from the Parish House to the ASC for the convenience of our families. We provide a safe, warm, and unconditionally loving environment for the children entrusted to our care. We also offer fun through stories, activities, a snack, and, when the weather permits, children will enjoy one of the outdoor play areas.

Read more about our nursery. If you have specific questions, please contact Trudy Bell.