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10:30 AM Rite I Holy Eucharist

2021 Vestry Elections

We are electing four Vestry members, and one Convention Delegate and one Alternate this year.

Voting Instructions and Dates


In-person voting will be held November 1 - 21 in the Parish House Lobby:

  • Monday - Friday, November 1 - 5, 8 - 12, and 15 - 19 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sundays, November 7, 14 from 9:30 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Sunday, November 21 from 9:30 AM thru the conclusion of the Annual Meeting

Paper and Absentee Vestry Voting:

  • Monday, November 1, at 9:00 AM - Sunday, November 21 at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting
  • Electronic Voting: Monday, November 1, at 9:00 AM - Friday, November 19, at 4:00 PM

Voting will begin electronically and in the Parish House Monday, November 1. On that day, all eligible voters will receive an electronic ballot via email for Vestry and Delegate Elections IF you are in our email system. You may vote either electronically or in person. For security purposes, electronic voting allows only one vote per email address. To add or update your email address, or to obtain an absentee ballot, please contact Michelle Brown at or 864.282.3101.


All communicants of Christ Church in good standing who are 16 years of age or older are eligible to vote. According to the bylaws, communicants in good standing are “communicants of Christ Church who for the previous year have been faithful in corporate worship, unless for good cause prevented, and have been faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the kingdom of God, and who have been confirmed by a Bishop of The Episcopal Church, USA, or a Bishop in communion with this Church, or who have been received into this Church by a Bishop of The Episcopal Church, USA, or a church in communion with this Church.”

Meet the Candidates

Click the name of each candidate below to learn more.

Spouse: Dr. Elaine M. Apperson - Pediatric Endocrinologist

Children: Six-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever

Occupation: Part-time university instructor and agrifinance consultant; teach at Marcus Oldham College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia; Agribusiness Program at Clemson University, and International Grain Program,Kansas State University. Thirty years in agricultural finance (commodity hedging) in the USA and Australia. Received from Clemson a PhD in Public Policy and a Masters in Applied Economics and Statistics, an MBA from the University of Edinburgh, and a Bachelors in Economics from the University of the South, Sewanee.

Member of Christ Church: I have been a member of Christ Church my entire life and my family has been a member of Christ Church since its founding. I was baptized, confirmed, and married at Christ Church in addition to attending Christ Church Episcopal School for thirteen years. Having lived away from Greenville for thirty years, I maintained my membership at Christ Church while attending other Anglican and Episcopalian churches in the UK, Australia, and the USA.

Christ Church Activities: Regularly attend Sunday services, usher monthly, and occasionally at funeral services, currently serving on the Finance Committee (have been known to play the bagpipe at church services).

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: Coming from a family history in the Episcopal Church at both Christ Church and parishes in the low-country of South Carolina, I will promote traditional Anglican values in our services, outreach, and pastoral care, while drawing from my international experience in the Anglican communion. As a member of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, I have seen the effect that the Anglican Faith, steeped in tradition, has on creating a more caring and understanding world. The Anglican Faith, rooted in the Book of Common Prayer, can fulfill the demand for many people for peace and contentment in this world of rapid social, political, and economic change. It is my opinion that, as a parish, drawing on our Anglican Faith, we need to focus on what makes us unique in our region in order to draw people onto our campus, as well as revive our members’ participation in our services and fellowship. I seek God’s guidance in a focused effort to achieve those objectives.

Spouse: Widowed

Occupation: After earning a BA degree in French and Education from Furman University, I started my career with Michelin Tire Corporation. When my now late husband was transferred to Akron, OH, I left my job to earn a MA in Media Management from Kent State University. Upon returning to Greenville in the mid-1990s, I started Communication Works, LLC, as a public relations and training company. This has allowed me to provide services at various levels within our local business community as well as to count Michelin as my longest client. I plan to retire at the end of 2021.

Member of Christ Church: Although officially since the late 1990s, the busyness of life and career kept me away until I returned in recent years with a newfound commitment to give our church top priority in my life.

Christ Church Activities: I look forward each Sunday to attend Faith Perspectives Sunday School class and then the 10:30 worship service in our Historic Church. In addition, I love to support our Parish choir by attending any of the special Evensong services. During the weekdays, I have enjoyed many of the Boomer +/- activities, JustFaith Ministries, Centering Prayer, Wednesday night Suppers with Clergy Klatch, and Parent Morning Prayer. Other activities include Small Group Gilmore, Card Ministry, Prayer Chain, Daily Devotions, Holy Hikes, VBS 2021, Grief Companions, and various book/Bible studies. After attending the virtual Fall 2020 Discovery Weekend, I have since been volunteering for this welcoming ministry program and will be the host for the Oct 2021 Discovery Weekend.

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: Paying my blessings forward is a primary motivator in life these days. After losing my husband and both parents in recent years, I have been very blessed with the love and support from the many communities of friends and family whom I hold dear in life – Christ Church included. The only way I know how to say thank you is to pay it forward. When our bicentennial was announced along with our mission to “Embrace, Equip, and Empower Apostles to Serve Jesus Christ,” I knew Christ Church with her 200 years of community service was just the catalyst to help me accomplish this.

To this end and in spite of our pandemic limitations, I looked for ways to connect with the clergy, staff, and fellow parishioners through Zoom and social media. Now that life is returning more to normal, it has been a pure joy to meet people in person for the first time as old friends as well as reconnect to others with whom I share decades of Greenville history.

It is with a fervently welcoming spirit and a servant-leadership-style heart that I offer my 40+ years of business experience, deep enthusiasm, and sheer determination as a nominee for vestry. I was deeply honored to be nominated, and it would be my privilege to serve, if elected.

Spouse: Bill Haas

Children: William (8), Harrison (6), and Nora (4)

Occupation: Stay-at-home-Mom

Member of Christ Church: Lifelong, 37 years

Christ Church Activities: Bicentennial Committee, Chair of Celebrations, Christ Church Episcopal Preschool Board Member, Regathering Task Force, Angel Tree Store Committee, Mothers Bible Study, Women’s Ministry Holiday Bazaar Volunteer

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: As part of the Bicentennial Committee, I spent some time sorting through the archives of Christ Church looking for pictures and documents that would paint a picture of the first 200 years of our parish. Lately I’ve found myself wondering what the founding members of the church envisioned for the future. How did they hope the parish would respond in times of crisis? While COVID-19 was not an enemy they faced, hardship was no stranger to them. Wars were to be fought, financial depressions were on the horizon, and diseases would take their toll. I imagine the founding members hoped that Christ Church would be the constant calm in stressful times and take care of its members and community in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Gospel. Though they likely couldn’t have dreamed of the world of Clergy Klatch and first communion classes being streamed on computers, I feel sure they would be proud to see how their church rose to the occasion during this pandemic. The hungry were fed, worship services were offered in creative ways, and the church was the constant calm in a time of fear, unknowns, and loss. As we emerge on the other side, I would love to serve on the Vestry to be involved in the conversations and actions that ensure the church can be poised to continue the legacy of what Christ Church has been to its members and our community for the next 200 years.

Spouse: Marcella (Marcy) D. Hagy

Occupation: Retired

Member of Christ Church: Since 1983

Christ Church Activities: Senior Warden, Vestry member, Lector/Chalice Bearer, EFM, Cursillo '98, Discovery Weekend Table Leader, Alpha Table Leader, Life Worth Living, various Bible study groups, Holy Toast, Stewardship Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Doorways to Discipleship Capital Campaign, Commission on the Diocese and Statement of Mission Committees (for the Diocese), and various Christ Church personnel selection committees

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?.

Answer: The current pandemic and its aftermath will leave Christ Church with a unique set of challenges that will take God’s wisdom, effective leadership from clergy, vestry, and church committees, and teamwork among parishioners to overcome. We are in an historic time in our church because of the changes taking place in our society and the world. I have been blessed with certain life skills and experience that I think could be useful in helping our church move forward in this exciting time.

As a former senior warden, vestry person, and committee member serving during a period of transition, I have knowledge of the church’s history, operations, business practices, activities, and the great goodness that exists in our parish family. As an executive building and managing businesses, and as a volunteer working in a variety of non-profit organizations, I have developed effective leadership, problem-solving, and team building capabilities, and I have a good working knowledge of financial matters.

I am fully committed to Christ Church’s values that seek, through faithfulness, to bring us into an ever-closer relationship with God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We strive to do this by being an inviting community, nurturing relationships within and beyond our parish, honoring the differences among ourselves and with others as Christ did with love and compassion, and we celebrate with thanksgiving all that we have and all that we are as gifts from God.

I would be honored to be a part of the Vestry as it works to help our church continue its journey toward its vision of being “a joyful community sharing life in Jesus Christ.”

Occupation: Information Technology Executive

Member of Christ Church: 24 years

Christ Church Activities: Altar Guild, Bicentennial Committee, Faith in Action, Finance Committee, Youth Ministries

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: I am grateful for the clergy, staff, and leadership at Christ Church who have skillfully led us through the pandemic to date, and am thankful that we have remained a faithful body through these times. As difficult times tend to do, these have taught me lessons and challenged my thinking, and reminded me that we will always need to adapt to a changing environment. Global, national, and local challenges will always exist, in addition to challenges to our faith and our church life. I have to actively work to remind myself to maintain an open mind, open heart, and open door to God’s guidance while navigating through trying times. I believe that when this is combined with the three simple, yet powerful, directives which framed our Bicentennial year - to Embrace, Equip, and Empower us as apostles to serve Jesus Christ - we can have an impact in each other’s lives and our community. I have certainly seen some of the many gifts I know we possess across our diverse congregation as I have participated in our offerings of fellowship, service, and worship. I also recognize that our different gifts give us different perspectives, and each perspective deserves to be heard. The value I find in hearing different perspectives is the opportunity to learn something I had not known or considered. This consideration does not necessarily mean agreement, but it does mean understanding. I hope we can harness each other’s God-given talents, cultivate some of our hidden gifts, and use them all to be what God hopes for us individually and as a church community.

Spouse: Beth Landis

Children: Mac (7) and Elizabeth (4)

Occupation: Attorney with Fayssoux & Landis, PA

Member of Christ Church: 22 years

Christ Church Activities: Annual Giving Cabinet (Current Co-Chair), Discovery Weekend, Church nursery, Youth program, Usher

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: Beth and I were both raised in churches that were central to our upbringing. I grew up attending and actively involved in St. John’s Episcopal Church in Decatur, Alabama and immediately gravitated to Christ Church when I moved to Greenville to attend Furman in 1999. Today, Beth and I are tremendously thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to raise our own children in this parish.

As we all reconnect and worship together in person, I feel a strong sense of appreciation for where we are and excitement for where we are headed. I believe that, in order to build on the deeply rooted foundation that Christ Church has established over the past 200 years, it is vitally important that we engage and support our children, youth, and young families who are the future of this church. I believe as a parent with young children who deeply loves Christ Church, I am able to help embrace, equip, and empower others who share in the same journey.

Spouse: Julie

Children: Anderson (18) & Anna Marina (16)

Occupation: Field Sales Division at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Member of Christ Church: Since 2002

Christ Church Activities: Men’s Ministry Executive Council, Lay Reader / Chalice Bearer, Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group, Youth Girls Basketball Coach, Bicentennial Empower / Outreach Subcommittee, Youth Director / Assistant Youth Director Search Committee, Nominations and Elections Committee, Annual Giving Cabinet Co-Chair

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: The Christ Church Family has been an integral part of the Segars Family since becoming members almost 20 years ago. Our family has appreciated all the various programs and services this church parish offers both internally and externally. It has been impressive to see how the church pivoted during the Pandemic to provide various needed outreach for our community and change to a virtual landscape to serve our local community and many others outside of Greenville.

Being an active part of the Church Family before and during the pandemic, I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve this Church Family in this capacity as we embark on the future of Christ Church Episcopal. I would want to collaborate and develop strategies utilizing all past experiences to help navigate a robust platform to serve the Christ Church Family moving forward into this next century. As we continue to embrace a more open Face to Face Society, I want to build, recruit, and involve even more of our Parish to help us live up to our mission to be “A Joyful Community Sharing Life In Jesus Christ”.

Spouse: John F. Cyrus

Children: Rebecca Huntington

Occupation: Retired

Member of Christ Church: 4 Years

Christ Church Activities: Kitchen Ministry, Altar Guild, Co-Convenor of the Bicentennial Religions of the World committee, occasional Children's Activities volunteer, occasional reception relief volunteer

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: Both my professional and volunteer experiences have prepared me for a position on the Vestry at Christ Church. Professionally, I was the Director of the Office of Hearings and Appeals, overseeing 50 employees and managing a caseload of 3,000 Social Security disability cases. Later, I was the Interim Director of the Huntington Museum of Art while a search was being conducted for a permanent director.

Non-professionally and as a lifelong Episcopalian, I have a long history of volunteerism. While in the Diocese of West Virginia, I was the President of the Standing Committee and also served several terms on the Commission on Ministry. At the Parish level, I was elected to the Vestry several times (was Senior Warden twice) and was on the Altar Guild (served as its Director) and served as a mentor for Education for Ministry.

At Christ Church, I am a regular volunteer in the kitchen, occasionally fill in for the receptionist and help with Children’s Ministries. I am the current President of the Altar Guild (term ends May 2022).

I bring new ideas from my past experience, but, at the same time show respect for the history and traditions of Christ Church. As President of the Altar Guild during the pandemic, I had to ensure that it functioned, despite frequent changes. I am able to consider points of view different from my own and develop an action plan that is viable for all concerned. I am honored to have been nominated as Convention Delegate the Vestry and will serve faithfully if elected.

Children: 3 sons, with the youngest (Paul) living in Greenville with his wife (Beth) and children (Mac and Elizabeth)

Occupation: Retired

Member of Christ Church: 3 years

Christ Church Activities: currently: co-coordinator for IHN, member of JustFaith community and Faith in Action committee, board member of Sterling Hope Center. Past activities: tutored at the Sterling Recreation Center, was a table leader at Discovery Weekend, served on two Cursillo staffs, and was the lay rector for the Women’s Weekend of Hope in the fall of 2019.

Question: As we build on our bicentennial and emerge from a pandemic, this is certainly an important moment in the life of our parish. Why are you the right person to serve at this particular moment?

Answer: As a delegate to the convention I will be representing the parish, and my involvement in outreach as well as consistent participation in the life of the church through Sunday School, JustFaith, worship, and the Faith In Action committee gives me a good sense of the needs of the parish. As the oldest of three generations at Christ Church I am learning about the needs of our younger families. Through participation in Cursillo and two Weekends of Hope I have established relationships with people throughout the diocese. I love Christ Church and I love the people at Christ Church and I look forward to any opportunity to serve.