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Welcome - Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

Welcome to Christ Church Episcopal Preschool! We are currently pursuing an Award of Accreditation from the National Accreditation Commission.

Since 1986, we have offered quality preschool education for infants through six-years of age that allows children to explore the world around them in a loving, secure, Christian environment.

We are delighted to have so many wonderful children as a part of our community of love, learning and growth. Our goal at CCEP is to help develop a child’s strengths and character during these vital preschool years, so that they will be prepared for the transition into elementary school. Take a tour today to see if CCEP is the place to stimulate and nurture your children.

Our Mission

The mission of Christ Church Episcopal Preschool is to provide a quality preschool education in a structured Christian environment, that meets the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs for infants through children six years of age.

Educational Philosophy

CCEP promotes skills and competencies needed for optimum success in learning and development for young children!

We embrace the educational philosophy of Jean Piaget, who maintained that intellectual learning progresses in different stages in a child’s development. For this reason, every aspect of CCEP’s curriculum incorporates developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory learning methods that encourage high academic standards and foster creativity.

CCEP also believes that the nurturing of healthy social development in children begins with providing a safe and loving environment for them to grow and learn. Such secure environments produce a trusting personality that contributes to the social foundation necessary for becoming a responsible and contributing member of society.

Online Giving

Tax-deductible donations to the preschool can be made via our online, secure server. Please click the button below and chose “CC Preschool Annual Fund” in the ‘Select a fund’ drop-down menu. Thank you for your support of our preschool!

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What Our Parents Are Saying

2020 has not been easy for anyone but I didn’t realize the impact it had on my 4 year-old until after CCEP reopened. He got in the car and burst into tears after his first day back. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was “just so happy to see his friends again.” Then he asked if he could go, “everyday...forever?” I am so glad we can send our children to a school they love as much as we do.

- Abby and Marc Aleksinas

Sending our children to CCEP is the best decision we have made as parents. From the first day in the infant room, I knew they were safe, loved, and uniquely known. As they grow, every day they come home and I am shocked at what they have learned. From speaking Spanish to the songs they sing in chapel and the lessons they are learning about God, I know that they are getting so much more than they would get just from us, or that they would get elsewhere. We have also been able to form friendships with other parents and relationships with the teachers that have enriched our whole experience. I am thankful every day that we made CCEP a part of our family.

- Elizabeth and William Gary

CCEP is the sweetest school with the most loving teachers!

- Kait Henslee

Contact Us

For more information, e-mail Christine Skelton, Director of Christ Church Episcopal Preschool.