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Traditional School Days & Times

Mon - Fri

7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Advisory Board

CCEP is supported by a very energetic and involved Advisory Board. Members of the board meet on the third Monday of each month to discuss fiscal issues, curriculum, accreditation, fundraising, and other matters dedicated to the growth and health of the preschool.

Senior Associate Rector, Kellie Wilson

Vestry Representative, Mary Holt Murphy

Director, Christine Skelton

Teacher Representatives, Ann Eubank and Marley Truax

Meg Stith

Katie Peterson

Kait Henslee

Karee White

Seth Colton

Ronisha Terry

Stevie Blickle

Chris Gary

Lauren Fontenot

Laura Warman

Allison Rogers

Maggie Simms

Brooke Lanier

Connor Mendenhall