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This Parish Life - a limited-series Lenten podcast

02 15 2024

This Parish Life - a limited-series Lenten podcast

The heart of our parish, one story at a time. Join the Rev. Lindy for heartfelt stories by our parishioners about their time in our beloved parish. Find this podcast on your preferred podcast platform, here, or by clicking the link each week in the electronic Community News.

Our Lenten podcast is live! Join us each week for stories from your fellow parishioners. These stories make us laugh, bring us to tears, and amaze us. This series is the perfect addition to any Lenten discipline. This week, we join Susan Orr for her story.

Currently available on: Apple, Spreaker, and Spotify.

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Our Guests

February 15 • Susan Orr

February 22 • Brann Fowler

February 29 • Mary Nixon

March 7 • Stephanie Martin

March 14 • Jay Haas, Sr.