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Annual Giving 2024

Annual Giving 2024 pledge materials will be mailed to parishioners in late September 2023. Members submit their "best guess" or pledge for what they will give the church in 2024 in order to help the church budget for ministry. *You can make an Annual Giving pledge anytime during the year if you have missed the Fall Campaign dates.* For more information or to ask further questions about Annual Giving, please email Kristin Bennett or call 864.672.4148.

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Stacy and Rick Schroder,
Annual Giving 2024 Chairs

Our family has been blessed. One of our biggest blessings is Christ Church and the opportunity to raise our three daughters here. From birth, this church has been nurturing their faith and guiding their spiritual development, enriching ours along the way! We are so grateful for those blessings and want to share them with other families. Making an Annual Giving pledge is one of the best ways to ensure that other families can experience God’s love the way we have.

We ask that each church member prayerfully consider how they can support ministry at Christ Church through their gifts and respond on or before November 19, 2023. The leadership of the church will use those pledge commitments to budget for ministry in 2024. There’s no bigger need than now! With the rising costs of operations, it takes more funds to fuel the same amount of ministry we have been doing in recent years.

Whether you give one time a year or spread it out in smaller gifts throughout the year, each gift is essential to the operations of Christ Church. If you haven’t pledged before, start with an amount that works for your budget and give it a try! No matter what you give or how you give, we hope you will join us by sharing your blessings!

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Recurring Gifts

Looking for an easy way to give? Consider setting up a Recurring Gift in anytime during the year! You can set the amount, payment frequency, and payment source. Follow these easy instructions to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the maroon button labeled “Give Now”
  3. Enter the monthly (or other frequency) dollar amount you wish to give and select the fund “This Year’s Annual Pledge Gift
  4. Check the box for “Recurring Giving” and enter the frequency of your gift
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. When you have entered all the necessary information, the button at the bottom will turn green and say “Give $Your Amount.” Click it.
  7. You will receive an email confirmation if you have successfully set up a recurring gift. THANK YOU for your support!

    Questions about recurring gifts? Contact Kristin Bennett, Director of Resource Development, at 864.672.4148