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Weekly Bible Studies

Bible Studies, Book Studies and Prayer Groups

If you have other questions, please contact Anne Green Buckner.

Because Christ Church is a large parish, Bible studies, Book studies and Prayer groups are a great way to connect and enjoy more intimate fellowship with others in our church community. At Christ Church, you will find a wide variety of groups that exist to inspire spiritual growth.

Class enrollments, rosters, supplemental materials, and all other information can be accessed by logging into our website.

Weekly Bible Studies


St. Francis Bible Study
12:15 PM, Graham Library

Using John: 26 Studies for Individuals or Groups by N.T. Wright, this women’s group will discover the clues the gospel of John gives that we might see even more clearly the reality of who Jesus is, the new creation he inaugurates and the difference that all makes.

Contact: Lib Ann Harrison at

Evening Men’s Bible Study
5:00 PM, Graham Library

Join this men’s group as they study C.S Lewis’ satirical masterpiece The Screwtape Letters. Jump in at any point as each week features a new topic for discussion. This group will use The Screwtape Letters: Study Guide and Commentary by Mondo Gonzales. Dig deeper into each letter from Screwtape, an understudy in the lowerarchy of Hell, to his incompetent nephew Wormwood, a junior devil. At least once monthly, we gather after our session to dine and enjoy further fellowship.

Contact: Chip Whitlock at

Intergenerational Women’s
Bible Study
6:30 PM, ASC, Room 100

We are delighted to debut a brand-new study Practical Faith - A Journey Through James. Embracing Authentic Faith in a Contemporary World written by Victoria Fleischer. Each session will include a teaching, reflection on workbook homework and small group discussion. The Book of James is a profound guide for Christian living, challenging us to grow in our faith, live out our convictions, manage our words wisely, and foster supportive, honest Christian communities.

Contact: Anne Green Buckner at


Want to Talk? Communication Tools for Divided Times
9:30 – 11:30 AM | September 12 through October 31
All Saints Center, Room 200

This important class will guide you in deepening your relationships while staying true to your values. This program draws upon the wisdom of experts in nonviolent communication, civil dialogue, and grassroots organizing, providing practical tools for navigating the political polarization of our time, as well as tough conversations with our loved ones. The link below has a bit more information.

Course Reading:
The Compassion Book - Thom Bond
Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High, Third Edition -

Class Leadership Team:
Anne Johnson
Perry Gilreath
Anne Arrington
Tom Johnson

Grief Workshop - Limited Time Class October 2023 ONLY
6:30 PM-7:30PM | Tuesdays October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Arrington Room

Using the book Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart by Alan Wolfelt we will share our grief journeys and healing aids. Purchase your book (link above) on Amazon or through Annette. Register by Monday Oct. 2 to receive your book but join any Tuesday.


Men’s Morning Bible Study
7:00 AM, Graham Library
August 9 - December 6

Join lively and thought-provoking discussion led by Harrison McLeod and Ben Horne. This fall this intergenerational men’s group will embark on an 18-week study of Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

Contact: Ben Horne at or Harrison McLeod at

Women’s Bible Study
10:00 AM, Graham Library

The mysterious presence of Jesus haunts the whole story of Acts. Jesus is announced as King and Lord, not as an increasingly distant memory but as a living and powerful reality, a person who can be known and loved, obeyed and followed, a person who continues to act within the real world. Using N.T. Wright’s Acts: 24 Studies for Individuals and Groups, join this women’s group as they learn how Jesus' acts through the apostles inform our acts today.

Contact: Chan Boyd at

Centering Prayer
12:15 PM, On Zoom

Centering Prayer is a way of deepening our relationship with God by letting go of thoughts and spending time with God in silence, daily. It involves consenting to God’s presence and action in our lives, resting in God and praying without words. This prayer is grounded in ancient and revered Christian contemplative prayer practices. We welcome you to come be with us as we seek to deepen our relationships with God.

Contact: Judy Lineback at or 864.423.1688.


Men's Prayer Breakfast
7:00 AM, Mckissick Refectory

The group was formed over forty years ago as a before-work prayer and life-experience sharing group. Today we use Bible passages and devotional pieces to stimulate discussion about faith at work in our lives and at work. On the first Friday of each month during the school year we meet for breakfast at the church and host a speaker on Faith at Work.

Contact: Tom Roy at

Sunday School

We’re excited to announce the return of Sunday School. New this year, all classes will revolve around themed content, making for discussion opportunities across all ages in your family.

Small Groups

Small Groups at Christ Church will embody the three elements of our mission at Christ Church: Embrace, Equip and Empower. Through these, we grow as Apostles to go out into the world to shine our lights for Jesus. The groups gather and fellowship, study, pray, and then go out to serve others.

Diocesan Faith Development Opportunities


One of the adult retreats/conferences we offer through Christ Church is Cursillo. “Cursillo” is a Spanish word meaning “short course.” Cursillo is a transformative experience where God touches individuals' lives and hearts in a special way. Cursillo Weekends are offered Thursday night through Sunday afternoons three times a year at the Gravatt Camp and Conference near Aiken, SC.

A Cursillo Weekend is a time of encouragement and learning in a positive and spiritual environment for individuals or couples who are already participating members of the Church. Great meals, uplifting music and meaningful worship, short teachings by priest and lay persons, and small group time combine for a fulfilling weekend.

The cost of attending the three days is $150 and includes meals and lodging from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Scholarships are available as needed. Learn more or download the registration form from the diocesan Cursillo website, or contact Kellie Wilson.


Please join the Upstate Ultreya Facebook group for information on upcoming Ultreya dates and locations.

Ultreya is a Spanish word meaning "onward" that pilgrims used to encourage each other along their journey. In the Cursillo community, we use it to signify a time when we all gather together to share our experiences as Christians and walk the road together. The Ultreya meets once a month at various churches around the upstate. All people are welcome, even if you have not attended a Cursillo. For more information, contact Kellie Wilson.